Just Cause 3 & AC Unity reveal the sick insanity of microtransaction culture

Dealspwn writes: "Two games have dominated headlines over the last 24 hours: Just Cause 3 and Assassin's Creed Unity. One a hero, one a villain, both perfect examples of how insane and toxic microtransaction culture has become."

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Fizzler1413d ago

Can't wait for microtransactions to become the norm, I'm gonna support every game that includes them!

Blues Cowboy1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Not sure if serious, but just in case: there's a world of F2P games out there waiting for you that won't ask you to plonk down any money first...

If not serious, heh. ;)

-Foxtrot1413d ago

Then you will part of the problem with this industry

lemoncake1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Well you are not unlike everyone that went out and bought destiny then, overpriced dlc that was cut from the game ftw. Now excuse me while I go play clash of clans.

NarooN1413d ago

I thought it was obvious Fizzler was joking, lol.

Or is this site so full of shit-tier comments and people, that it's too hard for you guys to tell anymore?

Ezz20131413d ago

i do this alot too and most people here fall for it
it's clear he's joking but people can't tell any more

Qrphe1413d ago

The average user in N4G is 18yrs old

Conzul1413d ago

Dude they're so bad at telling sarcasm it's unbelievable. I lost two bubbs in one day for being awesome.


The93Sting1413d ago

your face says it all. LMAO

josephayal1413d ago

microtransactions are the future, cannot W8

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FuzzyPixels1413d ago

Microtransactions and F2P can work if integrated into the very fibre of a game from day one of development. But thank god they're not in Just Cause 3!

Nothing worse than microtransactions gone wrong, and it's all too easy to lazily shoehorn them into a game and disrupt the balance of everything.

Blues Cowboy1413d ago

Oh MTs are fine when a game is F2P and they're done right. Paid plenty of money to Planetside 2, for example, because they let me two dozen hours of the game for free and I felt they deserved some money. I could spend what I wanted, or more appropriately what I thought they deserved, then pick gear I wanted. In this case, a cool hat and a vehicle weapon.

Microtransactions in full priced games, however, are genuinely nasty unless they're cheap cosmetics.

kevinsheeks1413d ago

Gamers support bs that's how it thrives they let devs hit them with half-baked excuses

Blues Cowboy1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Not to mention then inexplicably defending games companies by saying "well they have to make money" or "it could be worse" or "games are expensive to make." Sorry, but since when is shareholder profit OUR concern?

Roccetarius1413d ago

Unfortunately, the majority of the gamers are uninformaed when purchasing games. That's why this is allowed to happen.

skwidd1413d ago

Yea, sad to say I was sold on Unity's scope and detail that I preordered it a week or 2 before release. I tried cancelling but it didn't work. I still want to play it but being unsupportive of this treatment of companies overrides me wanting to play it. I guess I was suckered.

Dudebro901413d ago

No matter how much people complain, its not going to stop. Hardcore gamers hate them, but the reality is casual gamers buy them and use them. Can we really be mad at a company for capitalizing on a market that is willing to give them money?

It will forever be debated.

Blues Cowboy1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

"Can we really be mad at a company for capitalizing on a market that is willing to give them money?"

Very depressing but well-said (bubble).

"It will forever be debated."

I suppose that's all we can do. Debate it, call it out if we don't like it and... well, see whether or not the industry crashes or play games that suit us as individuals.

DanielGearSolid1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

as long as i can ignore them, i dont see what the problem is...

Sure if a game forced you to use them... But none have (And please dont give that "THey intentionally made it harder to unlock the stuff without MT's"... It's called PLAYING THE GAME)

Only game that made MT's horrible was nba 2k14, but they learned their lesson and scaled it back in 2k15

-Foxtrot1413d ago

"Can we really be mad at a company for capitalizing on a market that is willing to give them money?"

Yes because it affects the other side of the market, the loyal fans who have been there since the beginning.

Why should we be punished after supporting these devs for years, getting them where they are today, only for them to turn our favourite franchises into crap with horrible MT which will end up getting worse and worse. It ruins our experiences with the games and can leave a bad taste in peoples mouths

No one is saying they can't look for other ways to make money but do it in a way which we'll actually want to.

Dudebro901413d ago

Yes because it affects the other side of the market, the loyal fans who have been there since the beginning.

That's an opinion, not a fact. I, and many other gamers I know, have never had an experience ruined by a micro transaction.

Gh05t1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )


" I, and many other gamers I know, have never had an experience ruined by a micro transaction. "

That in almost all cases is unverifiable...

How would you know the experience was ruined or not unless you had the game created without the micro transactions and then had the game created with them. I dont know one game that was made both ways.

You claim your experience wasn't ruined but unless you knew what you would experience without them being involved in the development process at all than how would you know? There are a few games that would be far better an experience without micro-transactions... All you know is the experience you are having is still fun for you and that is great.

Hell imagine candy crush if you got to play more than 3x in a row without forking over $0.99 or waiting 0.5 hours

Imagine most games that have timers... wouldn't the experience be better if Money where not the sole purpose of the waiting. The only time I accept timers in games is, like RTS, where it plays into the strategy of survival. I hate the timer for a grind and to delay the longevity of a game or to make you impatient enough to buy your way through the time.

dmeador1413d ago

Stop with the ridiculous entitled logic. You bought the games because you liked them and they were fun, not to support the makers. If they are making bad games, then maybe its time you support other game makers.

Blues Cowboy1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

@Dudebro90: I have -- well, perhaps not ruined, but definitely spoiled or cheapened.

MTs rip you out of a gameplay experience and remind you that you're just consuming a product. Fable 3 and Dragon Age forced me out of the fantasy and into cold hard reality with their 'buy DLC here' sections. Dead Space 3, a game that's supposed to hinge on immersion, kept yanking me out of the game with constant reminders that I could be spending real money. Capcom titles and other offenders withheld content I'd technically paid for on the disc, or automatically installed it to my hard drive without permission as part of a patch before asking me to pay for it.

Etc. Not ruined, I suppose, but it doesn't feel great.

EDIT: @Gh05t: Oh, agreed. Plus, developers use all manner of psychological tricks, carrots and sticks to incentivise this behaviour (see also: skinner box, operant conditioning chamber) that, had they been removed, might have resulted in a better and fairer game. And as you rightly say, we'll never know.

andibandit1413d ago

I dont think "Loyalty to them gamers since the beginning" weighs alot in those boardroom meetings

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Kidmyst1413d ago

This all reminds me of the South Park episode last week.

Gh05t1413d ago

"Hardcore gamers hate them"

If someone is willing to spend $100 bucks at a time buying in game content like in ACU, and Madden... I would say they are more "Hardcore"

I am going to refer to myself as a classic gamer now. I am not hardcore enough to keep up with all the players who spend countless dollars to give themselves an advantage.

Roccetarius1413d ago

People with too much expendable cash is usually not called hardcore, but whales. As long as people pay for shortcuts, even in ''AAA'' games to avoid gameplay, then it's a big problem.

And one of the worst excuses is time. Just because you're short on time shouldn't make paying an available path.

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NeoGamer2321413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I want to pay one price to get the whole game experience. I do that by buying the games new (not used). If the games microtransaction me or force me to grind endlessly to avoid microtransactions they do not see another dollar from me.

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