Metal Gear Solid and the Tuskegee Experiment

Derik Moore of Gaming Rebellion writes: "As I considered the myriad of conspiracies I could cover, it made me think of what actually makes things scary in horror fiction. This led me to the topic of “science gone wrong.” Science is the very thing that has elevated us from mere bald apes to the very top of the food chain, and nothing could be scarier than a force for good directed towards evil purposes. To that end, I’m covering two of the most diabolical examples of science gone wrong, in both games and real life. As always, let’s start with the games and I’ll preface it with SPOILER ALERT as it contains big time spoilers for games in the Metal Gear series."

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LumpztheClown1345d ago

I wasn't even aware that Metal Gear Solid touched on something as horrific as the Tuskegee Experiment... :-/ Great read, and may it never happen again!