Game compatibility for wave 3 amiibo

A chart showing all announced game support from the third wave of Nintendo amiibo figures. The games are a mix of Wii U and 3DS titles.

Toon Link and Bowser are the most compatible figures, with 4 games each.

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DryBoneKoopa851127d ago

Bowser works in Ace Combat 3D??? Random... lol.

jswhat1127d ago

Yeah, he unlocks a Bowser plane paint job!

DryBoneKoopa851127d ago

That's pretty cool! Thanks for the heads up!

Concertoine1127d ago

Thats a LOT of compatibility for Hyrule Warriors...

Kevlar0091126d ago

They still haven't confirmed Shulk Amiibo for Xenoblade X. I mean it only makes sense.

animegamingnerd1126d ago

Shulk works with Hyrule Warriors O________O

please unlock the Monado as a weapon when i use him in that game

JacketsNest1011126d ago

Those were my exact thoughts when i saw that. Link wielding the Monado? Awesome!


Gezmoyassine1126d ago

Hold on a sec.We can play as sonic in Hyrule warriors?So the amiibo characters can be played in compatible games?

jswhat1126d ago

Amiibo in Hyrule Warriors will unlock additional weapons and items, they're not playable characters.

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