Staff Time Capsule: Alex Eriksen

If you first started playing video games as a kid odds are you collected a lot of video game related junk. Strategy guides, old magazines, nonsensical peripherals, it all had a way of piling up. Alexander of Gamer Assault Weekly dives into his time capsule of gaming related stuff! What old video game related stuff do you have?

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VRex71256d ago

I was really bad at collecting little figurines of game characters and nerdy things in general. Even now I have a collection of miniature pokemon on display in my house. Love it!

Edgetroll1256d ago

Wow, i remember how absurdly huge those old video game boxes were

aeriksen1256d ago

The era of instruction manuals was a strange one indeed.

Edgetroll1256d ago

I remember them actually having a lot of lore and back story inside the actual manuals. Man, that was probably the best part about getting a new game for me as a kid. I'd open the box up and read up everything on the way home

Swarley1331256d ago

I really wish I still had some of my PC games from the early '90s. I'd love to have those on my display shelf.

aeriksen1256d ago

I'm not just hallucinating that Chris looks exactly like Adrian Broady, am I?