Review: WWE 2K15 (New Gamer Nation)

New Gamer Nation writes: "What Madden is to football fans, WWE 2K games are to those fans that gather around their television sets every Monday night. Not for football, but for their favorite pastime, Monday Night Raw. WWE 2K15 looks to continue the tradition of having fans experience the feeling of using their favorite or created superstars in the ring for their own versions of a WWE show. So does WWE 2K15 deliver the a championship experience or is this a squash match waiting to happen? Lace up your favorite pair of boots, it’s time for the review."

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jrshankill1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

PS4 and Xbox One needs removed from tags, seeing as the current gen versions are complete different games.

The mods in here are quick enough to report minor stuff with submissions but seem to be oblivious to more important things.

Juangie31346d ago

Exactly. This is not the review for the ps4/xbox one versions.