Halo 5: Why It's Time for Master Chief to Die

The Master Chief has seen his fair share of war. One of our writers thinks perhaps it's time for Chief to retire.

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aviator1891412d ago

I like the chief, I certainly don't want to see him go anywhere anytime soon.

christocolus1412d ago

Lol. Same here,don't want to see MC go.too attached at this point, but i think 343i is introducing locke to stirr up some interesting plots and twists. I imagine there will be an amazing battle between locke and masterchief at some point in Halo5 and with locke being a more advanced spartan i bet he'll kick masterchiefs a**.

Can't wait

aviator1891412d ago

I just hope there's more to Locke than what we've seen so far in Nightfall's first episode. I actually felt more for the former Spartan's character (due to the stuff going on with his daughter) than I did for Locke or anyone else.

Hopefully, episode 2-5 are better.

mikeslemonade1411d ago

COD has made Halo a 2nd-rate shooter therefore they need to make a new ip. A movement sprinting and aim down sight is their confession.

ShinMaster1411d ago

I thought the fight was supposed to be finished 3 games ago.

As long as people keep paying, they'll keep making these games.

TheRedButterfly1411d ago

"and with locke being a more advanced spartan i bet he'll kick masterchiefs a**. "

You clearly know nothing about the difference between Spartan IIs and Spartan IVs... SIV's are garbo in comparison. (Hence their expendability.)

Bigpappy1411d ago

I won't be too sure about Locke winning that battle. MC has a way of overcoming the odds. That's what I like so much about the chief, there is always a way to Win. You just know that when he arrives on the seen, the other size is in serious f'ing trouble. Might as well just surrender. Never count out the chief.

christocolus1411d ago


Yeah you are right. He always does.

spicelicka1411d ago

Firstly no way anyone's gonna kick master chief's ass ever.

Secondly, I'm sure there will be some conflict but Locke isn't trying to kill him, he works for ONI and they probably want him to bring Master chief in.

It would be a cool mixture of characters though. Arbiter, Chief, and Locke in one game. Now we need some villains, who aren't typical like the Didact, he was a great character in the books but Halo 4 made him way too cliche.

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2cents1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Why so many haters?

There is not a single halo fan (and we number in the millions!) that wants Halo to die, Master chief to die, the franchise to die. So just stop with this useless onslaught of jealousy induced hate press.

Just piss off and play your goddamn playstation and let us halo fans enjoy our games. jeeeeez.

Edit: not talking about anyone posting here lol, I'm referring to all this 'news' we have been getting the last few days.

mhunterjr1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

He's not immortal, so he's gotta dies sometime. Hopefully he dies a hero's death, and they create another character enough to carry the mantle...

The future hero will likely have to be much deeper than MC has been in the games. Gamers are expecting more character development now then they were in 2001.

2cents1411d ago

The chief is a symbol, an icon. His silent demeanour but unashamed strength is what allows players to project their emotions to the character.

If a character is to deep and chatty then there is not much association that the player has, more just a journey with said character.

Playing as the chief enables the player to get inside that helmet and be the chief. His morals and ethical code is what drives him and passes onto the player through the choices that need to be made to progress the story. I wouldn't want them to end him too soon. It would be nigh on impossible to replicate such a character especially the relationship with cortana and his internal conflict of being a man or machine.

I agree that there could be stronger narration, but I did notice that there was far more dialogue in Halo 4 than any before it so it seems that 343 are moving in that direction. I have to be selfish and say I wish the chief never dies.

Bigpappy1411d ago

Thank you for conveying my thoughts so very well.

mhunterjr1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I hear all that. But that doesn't mean he should never die. In fact, when handled correctly death is one of if not THE most effective symbolic act.

But I disagree with what you say of his moral code, at least as it had been portraited in the games up until halo4. Was he ever really compassionate? Or was he just doing what he was 'programmed' to do?

Anyway, Hopefully his replacement would be adequate in all of the areas that you've mentioned.

There is also a ton of room to further the man or a machine dynamic. Cheif was born human, but raised into more a machine. The Spartan IVs were raised as humans, then used as machines later in life. We also have AI constructs exhibiting human like 'emotions', and even longing for organic connection.

josephayal1411d ago

I'd say Master Chief is easily the best game character

Rimeskeem1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Maybe take a break but to die is a little bit *clears throat* overkill

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