PS4 Getting 1920s-Themed Brawler, Speakeasy

If you thought the PlayStation 4 was lacking in period fighting games, you're in luck. Publisher Gun Media and developer SuperSoul have announced on the PlayStation Blog that their 1920s-themed fighting game, Speakeasy, is coming to the PS4 "soon." No word yet on an Xbox One or PC version.

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Zenith4k1286d ago

When I heard 1902's boxing game my heart leap, taught I'd be getting a cross between fight club and peaky blinders ( if you haven't watched peaky blinders your missing out great performance by cillian murthy and the rest of the cast or excellently betrayed) how disapounted I was to see this. Not saying it will be crap I just got excited with my imagination..

Why o why1285d ago

Peaky Blinders fan huh....+1

Not too sure about this game too. Maybe seeing it in motion may help its appeal.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

You have good taste in TV sir. Peaky Blinders is top notch viewing.

Imagine a fighting game in different Speakeasy's with illegal broken bottles of rum and bare knuckles. Kind of a DefJam 1920's

Angeljuice1285d ago

I had a picture of a gritty bare-knuckle fighting game in sepia tones with an audience of flat-cap wearing onlookers.

I think a historical boxing game would be great. It could chronicle the development of the sport from the early days to the modern rules. Origially two opponents would stand still almost toe to toe and take it in turns to punch each other in the face until one was knocked out.

At that time you didn't block or dodge, just stood there absorbing punches and fights could last for hours if nobody was rendered unconscious.

Game0N1285d ago

Oh shit I thought it was an actual ps4 theme...go so excited, is it bad that I got more excited for a speakeasy theme than a game?

Johnson411011284d ago

If you ask for it, I'm sure the published will do their best to make it happen. t

FamilyGuy1285d ago

My first thought was of Skullgirls

telekineticmantis1285d ago

No... I mean I haven't seen gameplay yet, but No...