Walmart one-day sale lets you build your own 3DS XL, PS4, Xbox One console bundles

Walmart is having a one-day sale, and on the gaming end of things, is a build your own bundle offer.

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iluvmaPS31341d ago

Well the ps4 bundle sucks lol the xbone is a little bit better. Im not picking up one of those until it drops to $199

Rob Hornecker1341d ago

LOL!!!! That sir may be awhile! So continue to enjoy playing your xb360 and or ps3. Theres still alot of great games out there for both systems!

iluvmaPS31341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Laugh all you want but im sure if someone had said that the xbone would be $330 this holiday season, last year people would have laughed like you are now. And I have a ps4. Ill get a xbone for gears. Hopefully itll be 250-300 at least. Well see how long sony can keep it up