Are Ubisoft actively trying to become EA? - Unity, Uplay, and utter stupidity

Dealspwn: "The sad fact, of course, is that actually Ubisoft have always been like this. Remember the bare-faced lies consumers were given about From Dust only needing one-time activation, and then requiring an always-on connection? Remember when Ubisoft followed in EA's footsteps back in 2012 to bring in the Uplay Passport? Remember when, in the same year, one of Google's Information Security Engineers called Uplay "a rootkit" and demonstrated how the service posed a serious security threat to its users?"

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Blues Cowboy1372d ago

Hey, even EA managed to turn Origin into a fast-downloading and half-decent client, give away free games and are trying... very slowly and clumsily... to be better. Ubisoft seems to be pining for the bad old days instead of moving with the times

FuzzyPixels1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

I can almost completely ignore Origin now, which is exactly what I want from a client (if there has to be one), apart from the free game pop-ups. And even then, they give me free stuff. And good free stuff at that. Kudos to EA for really turning that around.

Uplay has been in its current state longer than Origin has been a digital distribution platform. How the hell is it still this bad?

Yi-Long1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

I don't know what the hell Ubisoft is doing these last few years. They used to be pretty damn great in the early days, with Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia and Beyond Good and Evil.

Now they just crap out empty promises and half-done games which they'll DLC-milk to their heart's content, and as a result I very rarely bother buying any of their games anymore.

Certainly not for full price.

They've really gone from being a well loved and respectable company, to one of the worst in the industry. And that's a damn shame, because they do have the talent in-house to be awesome.

Agent_00_Revan1372d ago

Exactly! During the PS2/Xbox and through the early days of the 360, Ubi was my favorite developer. With the games you listed, and even Rainbow 6 and Ghost Recon. They were on fire! Now, they're it just seems they're trying to burn the building down.

medman1372d ago

Jade Raymond knew when to get out. Good for her. The Ubiship is sinking.

bmf73641372d ago

I said this before to a few friends that Ubisoft has officially become worse than EA. Their DRM client is shit. Without a uPlay comparison, Origin has stepped up it's game. GameTime on Origin offers full-game-trial periods on their AAA titles like Titanfall and right now, BF4 as a response to Steam weekends. On the House has been good and I hope it can get better (They offered BF3 and Dead Space). Download speeds are on par with Steam. Even with whatever EA games are on Steam now (Like Crysis 2, Dead Space, etc), they're not tied to Origin in any way.

Ubisoft on the other hand has all of their games tied to uPlay. Download speeds are shit. Client and in-game store is clunky and horrible. Servers are all-around shit. People can complain about the SimCity, BF4 launches on Origin, but even the DayZ and DoTa2 launches on Steam go down and Steam overloads during their seasonal sales. No server can truly handle massive loads, but Ubisoft can barely handle a simple game 6 months later (Watch_Dogs)

Concertoine1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

I think Riccitiello is a very underrated CEO. He invested in new, creative IPs like Shadows of the Damned, Brutal Legend, Dead Space and Mass Effect. Its hard to believe EA mostly made shovelware not even a decade ago.

He kickstarted their BS micro transactions but other than that, good CEO.

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ABBAJESUS1372d ago

They should let players choose between Uplay and steam..

Pandamobile1372d ago

No one would willingly take Uplay over Steam. If they stopped forcing people to use it, it would wither and die (which would be nice)

Cherchez La Ghost1372d ago

I don't even remember EA having this many issues with two games back-to-back in the same year with this much backlash. IDK what to say now about Ubisoft...

Az1mov1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

if so they're doing pretty damn good. Let's see about the division could be the redeemer or ..... not

Yi-Long1372d ago

After all the empty promises and poor releases this generation from Ubisoft, I wonder how many people will still be stupid enough to pre-order The Division or buy it Day One.

VforVideogames1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

I'm down for The Division whats wrong with that? if I don't like it I have 7 days to return it and that was the case with DriveClub and Destiny. I like EAs The Vault playing all those games for "free" its pretty cool, but on topic I just don't like the name Uplay it seems like its an app for the Nintendo Wii U.

Az1mov1372d ago

like he said (@VforVideogames), no harm in testing the goods. unless they stick a season pass inside :)

Mister_Audrey1372d ago

Every big game Ubisoft puts out is a marketing piece. They hope you'll buy their games based on hype and fancy trailers.

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