LEGO Jurassic World teased in LEGO Batman 3 credits?

"The credits of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham seem to tease the future of LEGO video games. At one point, players are shown a Tyrannosaurus Rex with the Jurassic Park theme song.

We do know that LEGO will be making Jurassic World sets in 2015. There has been speculation about a video game as well. Maybe we’ll hear something next year then."

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SteamPowered1341d ago

Finally a Jurassic Park Game! Been too long. Even if the Lego schtick is starting to get old, I would gladly overlook it for a chance to revisit the Park.

Omran1341d ago

can't wait for the movie trailer, I hear they
will show the trailer in december

mrbojingles1341d ago

Question: How will they do the scene where the guy gets eaten alive on the toilet?

Forbidden_Darkness1341d ago

Jurassic World is a whole new movie coming oput next year, so I would expect it to follow that story, not the old one.. But who knows, its all speculation at this point

RosweeSon1341d ago

Boo we want Lego Back to the Future Trilogy, or Lego Toy Story... I'm thinking Lego terminator trilogy and matrix trilogy might be a bit too extreme for the Lego series ;)

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