GOG Launches 2014 DRM-FREE Big Fall Sale, Features A Lineup Of 700+ Titles Discounted

The Big Fall Sale features a head-spinning lineup of 700+ titles discounted up to 90%, two daily bundles, and new flash deals every 40 minutes, including Deus Ex, Mark of the Ninja, and Rise of the Triad.

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diesoft1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

For the free original fallout trilogy they gave out, they will forever have my loyalty. Then they keep giving free games here and there on top of that. VERY awesome place.

Edit: Worth mentioning is that Witcher 2 and a gaming movie will be given for free if you check in with them every day. Yet another reason to love them.

HighResHero1374d ago

Thanks for the heads up on the free stuff. Of course I will pick up a few other titles too since they are my go to site for buying awesome DRM-Free games.

Father__Merrin1374d ago

Mount & blade is free at the moment, but you will only find on front page. They have two movies free in film section and I also noticed they have added two more classic games in the free lineup.

I think I may be doing a disservice as I got fallout trilogy for free etc, I think it's about time I chucked a few pound coins to GOG it's a great gaming service

diesoft1374d ago

See how friggin' awesome they are? DRM-free AND they keep giving away free stuff. If I had any money to give then it'd be for them!

Qrphe1374d ago

The good PC sales finally