Best Video Games for Kids this Christmas: A Parents' Guide

As Christmas approaches children around the world will be pestering their elders for video game gifts. The world of video games is a difficult one to navigate however, if you don't know what you're looking for.

"What on Earth is a Minecraft?"; "Is my son really going to be bullied if I don't get him the new Call of Duty?"; "Which one is the new Call of Duty? There's about sixteen of them."; "I read in the paper that this game called Skylanders will turn my child into a psychopath, is that true?"

Having once worked in a video game shop during the Christmas period I know of the horrors and pity the parents and other family members trying to understand this strange world and ensure their wee ones are happy come December 25th.

To help things along a bit here are some of the year's top games suitable for various age groups.

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