16Bit Assassins – Episode 96: Episode XCVI The Nonsense Awakens

Ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday night, and your two favorite geeks with no lives are back on episode 96. Toaster and Dunny talk about everything, because a lot has happened in 2 weeks. On this exercise in the ridiculousness, the Assassins talk about Call of Duty and the non-sharing, non-downloading issues encountered by fans, Toaster talks some Gotham and Arrow happenings, and we have some Star Wars news for fans, because what's a 16Bit Assassins show with out a Star Wars reference? Bioware comes up with a new holiday that Toaster and Dunny can get behind, Bethesda hoaxes, CD Projekt Red's nod to fans, all this and the usual bamboozling all on Episode 96: The Nonsense Awakens.

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