WWE 2K15 Controls Trailer - Official Next Gen Gameplay Footage [HD]

Finally official in-game Gameplay footage of WWE 2K15 for Play Station 4 and Xbox One.

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TheJacksonRGN1256d ago

Looks solid, can't wait to play it.

3-4-51256d ago

* For me, I can't stand wrestling now, but I like the old stuff from 1988-1998....

In past games, I could create 50-100 Wrestlers and I would just create my own unique wrestlers or download the old ones from the 80's & 90's.

I would get rid of all but 4-5 of the new guys and create my own wrestling league.

I literally didn't have to put up with any of the wrestlers I can't stand.....99% of them..

* It was really awesome for somebody who used to like it but doesn't know....there was still a way for people like me to enjoy this game.

Now with only 25 Create a Wrestler roster spots, it's just not enough options for me to get creative with.

I'll pass until 2k16.....

born_naughty1255d ago

There's still a possibility that they will add more slots. They said this was because of how much more detailed the wrestlers are now blablabla, they'll look into it on future updates.
Ill buy the game if they update it to at least 50.

spacedelete1256d ago

meh looks same as always. is it just me or have the graphics been downgraded ?

born_naughty1255d ago

The game looks significantly better.

1256d ago
hafitz1256d ago

During the fights, the character doesn't seem to have emotions, john cena's face is always grumpy...

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