Are Video Games Becoming Too Focused On Multiplayer?

Forbes: While I do not begrudge the existence of shared world MMOs or multiplayer-only MOBAs, I do think it’s not a great idea for the industry to move en masse toward every game becoming some permanently online, co-op or deathmatch-based experience.

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Death1291d ago

I'm more concerned with the first day patches needed to make retail games playable. What happens with the games we buy 10 years down the road when the consoles are no longer supported? If we can't download the updates and save them, we lose them if the hardware fails.

gangsta_red1290d ago

Yes, as they should with us paying for an online service.

There's this new focus on everything being social and everyone staying connected so a lot of devs are taking advantage of it. I don't mind multiplayer games, some of the best times I have had with video games have involved playing with friends.