Metacritic, gaming press: No impact on game sales, says Double Fine COO

Justin Bailey, chief operating officer at Double Fine Productions, stated the following during a recent session at the Montreal International Game Summit:

"There’s no need to obsess over Metacritic. We’ve basically seen Metacritic all but become obsolete right now…We get obsessed with it. Other developers get obsessed with it. The press gets obsessed with it. But it doesn’t really matter, as far as the sales of the game.”

Furthermore, Bailey stated that traditional gaming press, such as gaming websites, magazines, blogs, et cetera, are just as unimportant when it comes to driving up the sales of video games - citing Twitch livestreams and YouTube "Let's Plays" as better ways to bolster game sales.

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KrisButtar1287d ago

"One of his suggestions is that game publishers or developers should wait at least 2 years before including them in a bundle."

With the way day one patches are going I have no problem waiting. Certain companies or franchises always have a bundle of sorts that includes DLC later down the road after release. I usually pass on those games until the bundle comes out. For example I waited until now to buy Saints Row 4 and received all the DLC included.

DesertFoxJr1287d ago

Yeah, it's an interesting proposition for sure. The whole thing is fairly interesting actually. The times are a-changing, I guess.

Amuro1287d ago

maybe there is no impact for big brands like Call of Duty but it sure hurts the not so popular ones.

Angeljuice1287d ago

There is no way of knowing how many sales are won or lost due to metacritic scores as you can only release a game for the first time once, so there is no data to compare.
I would only consider using metacritic to influence my game selection if a game I was on the fence about got less than 50% (too many poor reviews to ignore).

Sincere01211287d ago

It doesn't matter in regards to sales of games but in matters in regards to the quality of games.

I know what I'd be more interested in, quality.
Forget sales, I can't play sales on a console, its all about the GAMES!

DesertFoxJr1287d ago

Don't some companies give devs a bonus if they reach above a certain threshold score on Metacritic?

Ka7be1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

No. Devs don't really care about Metacritic.
Only mindless fanboys and people who know nothing about games use metacritic.

Big_Game_Hunters1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Nah you are wrong, devs get a bonus for getting high metacritic scores, that's fact... sorry to burst your bubble.

SpiralTear1286d ago

Yeah, that stuff happened with Fallout: New Vegas a few years back. One point from the required metascore to receive a bonus.

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