'Assassin's Creed' Needs To Slow Down And Refocus, Or Risk Total Derailment

Forbes: While Unity may not be “bad,” it’s certainly debuting on the low end of what’s desired and acceptable from a AAA game in this day and age, and I think Ubisoft needs to seriously consider how much they’re currently oversaturating the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

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ArchangelMike1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

I haven't bought an Assassins Creed game since Brotherhood, and I'm not getting Unity either. The franchise got old for me really fast and I just couldn't keep up with the pace of their yearly releases.

What did it for me was impassable white walls I kept running into in the middle of a town or some other place. How immersion breaking was that! At a time when open world games had solved (hidden) the problem so well two gens ago. Also the Abstergo meta-narrative. It became clear to me by Assassins Creed Brotherhood that Ubisoft did not have a meta-narrative, and where simple just rinsing the franchise.

I don't know if anyone can tell me if the Abstergo narrative has now developed any depth and real sense of place to be worth investing my gamepaly time. I really don't think the franchise ever even needed it tbh. Plus are there still those impassable white walls every so often?

Those where my two bug-bears. If they have been sorted out I might eventually give Unity a look in... after I finish with GTA V... and FarCry 4... :)

Jdoki1345d ago

I agree. The Abstergo narrative is the thin glue used to paste the Assassins Creed name on another game.

joab7771345d ago

I do agree that the story isn't one of the best anymore. I used to love unraveling everything.

They need to, and should have w AC3, started a new storyline, in which a different historical perspective is unconvered.

Anyway, while I will never understand why my game can't be patched to 1080 (sickness of the industry), AC:Unity is still an amzingly well crafted open world with plenty to do.

That is until Tuesday when I start Dragon Age. Then it's over for me.

Jdoki1345d ago

It's been clear for some time that the 'Assassins Creed' name is being slapped on games for brand recognition, not because they are truly part of the series.

For me the proper Assassins Creed line ended with #2. Since then it's been a case of crowbarring in some semi-relevance to the original storyline whilst actually making games that really have little in common and should have been new IP or spin-offs.

Not to say they are bad games, I thought #4 was awesome. But the continued use of the Assassins Creed name is the milking of an IP at it's best / worst.

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WeAreLegion1345d ago

Even I decided not to get it. And I buy freaking EVERYTHING!

magnumram80081345d ago

Im playing it, taking it slow.. havent played since part 1. Its pretty new to me, all ive done so far was collect steal all treasures before I start the 1st mission. I hope I learn some french, walking thru the crowds is awesome. Its been a hour now and im really liking it.

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