Just Cause 3 Isn't Free-to-Play, Studio Clarifies

The studio working on the long-anticipated open-world action title Just Cause 3 has assured fans that the game will not be free-to-play, nor feature microtransactions.

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sigfredod1407d ago

Beign Free-to-Play is not what i was worry about, but that this could be a AAA game with a $60 tag PLUS filled with microtransactions, so this clarification is welcome, at least they aren´t trying to pull out this as Ubishit wuth unity

Xavior_Reigns1407d ago

I sure hope so, now I've never played any of the games but from the fuss going on, it seems like a fun series. MT should never be included in $60 games, but it's too late.

user56695101407d ago

gotta love SE. i constantly told people be prepare for the rape this gen but noooooo. dont worry the will forget about it in a week and continue on their console wars and these publishers can continue the rape

il-JumperMT1407d ago

Micro transactions are cancer of the gaming industry. Why bother wasting millions making a game when you can get billions making a bejeweled rip off with micro transactions?