Media Create hardware sales (11/3 - 11/9)

Media Create published the latest gaming hardware sales from Japan.

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Neonridr1320d ago

PS4 with a nice little bump.

GribbleGrunger1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Even though the Japanese don't celebrate Christmas like Westerners, we always see a boost as we approach years end. That's not to say the boost won't lead to a better weekly average, but it's far better to look at these things pragmatically rather than jump off at the deep end and come to the wrong conclusion. That being said, I personally think we'll see a rise in that average next year.

Neonridr1320d ago

as the games come, so do the sales. Watch the Wii U bump when Smash Bros release. We will see the PS4 jump when the games they want to play are released.

GribbleGrunger1320d ago

Yes, that's why I'm confident the weekly average will rise next year. I never put too much stock in rising averages coming up to Christmas because it always happens with ALL gaming hardware.

ritsuka6661320d ago

PS4 | 9.376 | 8.014

Not really big bump but still..

Neonridr1320d ago

it's an upward trend.. ;)

DarkOcelet1320d ago

Psp sold 2 only , that made me laugh and yes i know they stopped making it but its still funny. Hopefully when Tales series,MGS,Persona 5, Bloodborne, Resident evil and many awesome japanese games comes to the console, its sales will rise.

Concertoine1320d ago

Imagine being one of those two people and seeing this lol.

marloc_x1320d ago

HaHa, would be exiting wouldn't it?

Geobros1320d ago

80k for 3DS. I think Nintendo hand-held is unstoppable there.

stuna11320d ago

Those Xbox1 numbers are looking horrendous! They really need to get some appealing software catering to Japans likes ASAP. As for the Vita, I wish that it sold as well in the U.S as it sells in Japan if you compare it by the country's size.

badz1491319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

they could change the name to 3DS and see it flies off shelves! the big N came up with the name New 3DS LL, MS can name theirs 3DS XXXL

Ausbo1320d ago

Wow. Microsoft cant catch a break in Japan. A combined 600 for 360 and xboxone is pitiful.

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