Assassin's Creed Unity Review: The Blood of Angry Men, the Dark of Ages Past - USG

"So here I am, chasing some idiot through the streets of Versailles. He's a thick-witted, half-literate ruffian, quite unlike my sharp-eyed protagonist Arno Dorian, and yet somehow he seems a lot better than me at the simple act of running.

"Sure, Arno may be faster, but when he runs he has a maddening habit of suddenly leaping onto nearby scenery, often getting hung up on a bit of scaffolding or some kind of elaborate masonry. I just want him to catch the thug who stole his memento, to run along the same path as his quarry, but regardless of my intentions Arno takes the slightest deviation from the target's route as a prompt to make a flying leap for the nearest ledge, or cart, or building, or whatever." -USG

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Dyldog691347d ago

This series needs to get wrapped up and ubisoft needs to breathe a sigh of relief that A.C. has had the success its had. It really is a stupid series. I laugh everytime I see the next "worst series in the history of action SciFi" title scheduled to release. In fact the next title in the series has got a name from ubisoft already. It's called Assassins Creed 9000-I really can't believe you keep buying this garbage. ( working title)