AC: Unity's Earn Fast Bucks in CO-OP - Farming Guide

JunkExplorer: Get all the latest updates, tips and tricks about AC: Unity from JunkExplorer. Here in this post, we are talking about how to earn fast bucks in CO-OP mode of AC: Unity. The most awesome and perfect gear in AC: Unity is excessively extravagant. Playing through the full single-player story doesn’t give enough bucks to buy each thing and redesign alone. Ubisoft permits players the alternative to buy in-game bucks and you can simply replay Helix Rifts for huge prizes, this system offer you a chance to procure upwards of 100,000 bucks like clockwork, once you get the example down right. It takes smoke grenades, co-op partner and loads of drug yet you’ll be procuring boatloads of money right away with the steps beneath.

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Need some people on PS4 with mics who want to run co-op's strategically. My psn is mar-mcloud.