Blizzard Plans to Take Over the World

Blizzard has reached a point that every studio, every developer, and every publisher strive to reach: a brand. Everyone heard of them, even if they don’t necessarily play their games or even like them. It’s safe to say that Blizzard has reached a legendary level. And up until a year ago, they have been kind of a sleeping giant, taking years between new releases of major content. But now, they have awoken. And they’re ready to take over the world.

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Jdoki1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Considering how many years I've been a huge fan of Blizz, it's only now with Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm that I realise just how unoriginal Blizz actually are as a developer.

Almost every major IP they have developed has been a refinement of, or inspired by, something that others have created and made successful.

This may sound negative, but it's really not meant to be - there's nothing wrong with trying to create the definitive version of something in a genre. And their games are generally excellent.

It's just a surprise to see that the only original recent games they had in development (like Starcraft :Ghost and Titan) were canned or were from pre-PC / Mac days or older consoles like SNES.

Warcraft iterated on Dune II in the RTS genre
Starcraft built on Warcraft, but also heavily inspired by Command and Conquer
WoW refined everything from Everquest and other fantasy sources
Hearthstone, takes inspiration from many digital and physical card games
Heroes of the Storm is Dota / LoL with a few twists
Overwatch is Team Fortress reinvented

The only game with few parallels is Diablo

Interesting to see what they could do if they really tried pushing in to an untapped genre...