SkySaga is like Minecraft, only prettier

Minecraft is totally dominant in the sandbox game world, but Microsoft's recent acquisition could soon have a competitor in the shape of Radiant Worlds and Smilegate's SkySaga.

Billed as an "endlessly evolving multi-player, sandbox online world, that is as beautiful as it is ground-breaking," the game does appear to have many similarities with Minecraft.

In SkySaga no two heroes are alike and no two player journeys the same, either working in a team or questing alone. The game world is a procedurally generated voxel landscape, filled with treasures to find, dungeons to raid and resources to gather: dig for minerals, chop trees for fuel and construction, hunt animals for food and build shelters from the elements and the dangers of the night.

Each player gets their own Home Island floating in the sky. Everything built on a Home Island is persistent and players can invite friends over to visit and maybe start an adventure together.

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BigBosss1348d ago

That actually looks pretty good! Can't wait so see more!

3-4-51348d ago

I like the art style...

NotAfanBoyy1348d ago

Hard to compare unless EVERY single piece of the game is a block. Many have tried - Rust looked nice, but still couldn't scale.

1348d ago
SlapHappyJesus1348d ago

All right.

I'm a sucker for a nice art style.
I'll keep tabs on this one.

ATi_Elite1348d ago

Actually Minecraft with realism mod is super sexy but yeah this looks better than vanilla Minecraft.

Will check it out...... Need something new to play at work.