Rocksmith Dev Hints at VR Support for Future Titles

VRFocus - Earlier this month Ubisoft San Francisco launched a new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of Rocksmith 2014, a music videogame that aims to teach users how to play the guitar by allowing them to plug a real instrument into their console of choice. This marks the third release for the franchise after the original title and the initial release of Rocksmith 2014 last year. What could be next for the series? According to the developer, support for virtual reality (VR) technology is a possibility.

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ArchangelMike1406d ago

Yeah I don't know about that. I don't want to be wearing anything over my head when I'm trying to play my guitar. For obvious reasons really... I need to be able to see my fret board.

Instead they should get us wireless 1/4 USB jacks. Now someone patent that idea quick!!!

Muzikguy1405d ago

I suppose since this is Ubisoft it's to be expected. If there are future titles I won't be buying. I'll stick to track packs for this game. Don't need another Guitar Hero scenario

Scatpants1405d ago

Maybe if they put cameras on the outside of the headset so you can see your guitar that would be cool. They should do that anyway so they could incorporate augmented reality.