Dragon Age 3: Inquisition: Low And Ultra PC Settings Compared

This comparison reveals the game performs well under Low settings, but shines graphically on Ultra.

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anticlimax1166d ago

Shiny hair, shadows, view distance and blurring stuff in the distance.

Finally a comparison where someone like me can see the difference clearly. Still, not enough of a reason to upgrade my rig.

MasterCornholio1165d ago

I thought the difference would be bigger between the two. The console versions run in medium right?

KTF261165d ago

HD7870 or GTX660 are recommended
PS4 1080p/Ultra
XBone 900p/Ultra

lemoncake1165d ago

Console has been said to be running comparable to high setting on pc.

dreamoner1165d ago

I don't see much difference. There were such games where low settings looked like mud.

plsburydoughboy1165d ago

This is why I think Bioware's efforts were laudable; PS3, Xbox 360 and lower end PC users wont' feel cheated.

Lon3wolf1165d ago

Lol at Lego hair on low, :D. In all seriousness it looks fine obviously if you had the hardware then Ultra all the way, the difference is quite big in regards lighting and some textures.

Jahbu1165d ago

Lol! I'm actually shocked how good low looks though.

NiteX1165d ago

The textures on low are still impressive, the hair looks nasty as hell though.