Why Skyrim is still an awesome game

"Three years later and Skyrim is still kicking video game arse! After reaching the sales milestone of 20 million copies, Skyrim is still going. It is one of the best games Bethesda have ever released and will go down in history for it’s epic setting, timeless graphics and in-depth immersion" states Thomas Chambers as he explains his love of this classic title.

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decrypt1223d ago

Its still one of the most played games on Steam and its entirely due to mods. Modded Skyrim is a different game not only in the playability department, even graphics wise it can give next gen games a run for their money.

jriquelme_paraguay1223d ago

i love my Skyrim, and i think Dragon Age Inquisiton will be a beast of game too. Not sure about Witcher 3, but i think RPGs like Skyrim, are the best games your money can buy... 3 years and you can still enjoy the game.

Lord_Sloth1223d ago

Vanilla Skyrim is not awesome. Modded Skyrim is.

That said I still feel TES needs to do something to their sword combat to deepen it for future titles. Block swing swing gets old fast.

jriquelme_paraguay1223d ago

i feel like people spend 90% modding skyrim than playing on PC...

dredgewalker1223d ago

Lol so true, I spent the whole week figuring out mod incompatibilities and also cleaning dirty mods. The end result though made my game experience with Skyrim a lot more enjoyable compared to when I first played it without mods a couple of years ago. Right now I've got 56 mods running well and plan to add more in a few days.

decrypt1223d ago

The point of gaming is to have fun. TBH modding can be a lot of fun itself and a great time pass. I personally spent many hours researching and modding skyrim it was bloody amazing.

I almost mod every RPG i play.

Dasteru1223d ago

But then the remaining 10% time is 10x more fun.

Seriously though. It took me about 2 days to download, unpack and recombine a 20GB pack with over 260 different texture/mesh/parallax mods then install and sort them along with about 50 other non visual mods. I'v put in over 600 hours of actual gameplay so far and i still haven't made it through all the content.

jjb19811223d ago

I agree with that. It reminds me of kings field...

Kumomeme1223d ago

true enough...mod is one of things that drive people to play skyrim

other than that,most of critism are because of the combat....even some people claim it most worst combat mechanic they even someway,it was pretty true,especially after played rpg with better combat like dragon dogma

also,another critism were due to the quest that too generic and repetitive

in other hand,the lore are another story

Idree1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Every time someone mentions Skyrim, at least a dozen end up reinstalling it.

I love Skyrim, finished it completely with all expansions in about 60 hours, and NEVER modded it.

You don't need to mod it to enjoy it!

MurDocINC1223d ago

Lies! I got about 150 hours on skyrim and only seen/did like half of it. No way you did everything in 60 hours.

Gamer4life8881223d ago

one of my favorite games of all time

richierich1223d ago

Hopefully Bethesda learned their lesson after ElderScrolls Online and make more offline ElderScrolls games like Skyrim

Eldyraen1223d ago

Different studios and I enjoyed ESO for what it was (for a couple months) but I would still prefer more familiar single player ES games.

I think Bethesda could branch out a little and add either a standalone coop friendly game/mode but should basically stick to their strengths. I still think of how cool two worlds could had been as a coop open world fantasy game has so much potential (even if game "world" was broken in parts in its case.

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The story is too old to be commented.