VG24/7: The higher price of digital games on Xbox One and PS4 laid bare

VG24/7: "A year since the new-gen consoles released and anyone in mainland Europe and the UK buying games directly from the format holders are being ripped off."

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jrshankill1411d ago

This is totally correct. £60 for the digital deluxe version of WWE 2K15 in the store. Thats around $95. Rip off.

roguedragon11411d ago

I'm glad someone is finally writing about this because this is my biggest problem with gaming in 2014. I would much prefer to buy online but the prices make me angry. I mean there's some games on ps4 marketplace that have been out nearly a year, but still they are £54.99 wtf. Microsoft claim they would eventually like to go digital only,mostly down to the fact they lose so much money to trade ins. I'm all up for digital only but only when new games start at around £30 to £40.