Assassin's Creed Unity and the scourge of the review embargo

Review embargoes are generally a bad thing, but they are horrendously bad for video games. And there's no better example than what's happening with Assassin's Creed Unity right now.

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Sillicur1378d ago

It is not really a bad thing, only when reviewers are only allowed to publish after the game has already been released.

Bimkoblerutso1377d ago

Ironically, with the state of video game journalism right now, embargoes are a better indicator of how a game is going to turn out than if it was actually reviewed early.

Tell me THAT isn't the saddest thing you've read all day...

SpinalRemains1381377d ago

Its definitely true. Embargo is the only red flag we need.

DesVader1378d ago

If you look at the review averages on Metacritic, you can see that the reviews would have impacted on pre-prders and day 1 sales if they come out before release...

die_fiend1378d ago

Definitely not how you spell definitely...

-Foxtrot1378d ago

I don't get Metacritic, I mean look at it

I've seen way more 7 out 10s for this game and the site isn't displaying them. Yet there is a few high scores registered from sites I've hardly heard of

ginganinja1377d ago

I think most places got sent the Xbox version for review;

Perjoss1377d ago

And this is why we dont take Metacritic seriously, its not bad for getting a rough idea of the quality of a game but thats all.

Personally there are a few big and well known review sites that i will never take seriously, you kind if need to mentally create your own metacritic based on the sites that you yourself trust.

LordMaim1377d ago

@ginganinja: Ironically, Microsoft's partnership with Ubisoft on AC Unity may have backfired in this respect.

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-Foxtrot1378d ago

Well I managed to cancel mine just in time, feel sorry for those who couldn't

Saved me £119.99....yup, was going to get the collectors edition because I was impressed with what they knew I WANTED to see, not what was actually the finished product.

Oh well, saved me money

Mikelarry1378d ago

£119 pounds damn you were lucky

Perjoss1377d ago

Saved me about £80 as i had AC and Far Cry on pre order. Both cancelled, i will be skipping AC entirely based on the performance issues and i will most certainly wait for the Far Cry reviews now before paying for it. Sub 30 frames is not acceptable for me, its not fun to play a jerky game.

LordMaim1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Considering how early Far Cry 4 was playable, I don't think that it will suffer the same issues as Unity. Far Cry runs on an entirely different engine, and considering how awesome Far Cry 3 was, I can't wait.

Unity on the other hand is the latest in a yearly franchise that is trading regularity for innovation and QA. I'd rather it come out every second year rather than rushing to assemble a bug ridden mess.

Immorals1377d ago

Cancelled my 70 quid edition of both far cry and assassins creed. Good old Amazon, didn't have to get off the sofa!

lord zaid1377d ago

This just a good example of why you should never pre-order. There is literally no benefit to you as a consumer to do so.

When was the last time you heard of a game being 100% out of stock? I can't ever remeber hearing that in the last 7-8 years.

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Nodoze1378d ago

Review embargo = publisher/developer aware of issues prior to ship date that could impact sales.

There is no positive purpose for an embargo. It is a major red flag. Any time reviews need to be held back you know there are 'issues'. It is a legal recourse with no positive upside.

In short publishers are conditioning smart buyers. Pre orders are silly and a waste of money. Waiting a month or so will allow for;

Game patches - to fix improve issues
Game reviews - allow you to see what others think
Game discounts - get the same title for less (in many cases much less)

Anyone who pre orders nowadays is fool. You are paying full price to beta test (ass creed, drive club, Destiny)

Consumers hold all power here, yet don't realize or wield it appropriately. Stop pre ordering, allow title to languish at retail, show publishers we are not ok with this. They only listen to one thing...MONEY.

Palitera1378d ago

Sometimes it is the only way to get the full game.

King_of_Nothing1377d ago

I personally don't pre-order games with review embargos, but I wouldn't say those who pre-order are fools. I've never paid full price to "beta test" anything, pre-ordering costs a whopping $5. Not to mention you can cancel that at anytime, even after the fact and get your money back.

HanCilliers1377d ago

A wise man. I agree with you 100%. If nothing else, 2014 showed us the the days of pre-ordering games is over

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