Telltale's Game of Thrones will add to a beloved series

MWEB GameZone's Holden ZA writes:"The Game of Thrones series is full of diverse details of families, revenge, violence and more plot changes than some of us can handle.

Telltale games is set to offer us new enrichment to an already beloved series by offering us a unique and vastly different way to experience one of the most beloved stories of our generation."

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Sillicur1261d ago

Oh cant wait, this is going to be awesome!!!!

CongoKyle1261d ago

ahhhhhhhhh yeah! Hodor!

Sillicur1261d ago

Hodor? Hodor hodor....Hodor :)

HanCilliers1260d ago

WAHAHAHAHA, best.comment.

Immorals1261d ago

If the stick true to the lore of asoiaf/westeros , it's a day one for me.

Sillicur1260d ago

Yes that is the most important part for me too, staying true to the lore.

WitWolfy1261d ago

This will sell like hotcakes

HanCilliers1260d ago

If there's 1 thing Telltale knows how to do it's telling stories. I think GoT is going to rock