1-Year PS Plus, 12-Month Xbox Live Gold Membership Discounted Before Black Friday

Techtorial: Rakuten (formerly is now offering discounts to 12-month gaming subscription cards and Sony's PS4 Dualshock 4 controller before Black Friday week.

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badboyz091371d ago

Gamestop and others will have PS+ 1year for as low as $30 on Black Friday.

The really good deals have yet to be announced.

xwilldemise1371d ago

Exactly what I'm waiting for haha

Phene1370d ago

I got mine for 25 from Amazon last year ...wish I had just bought 2

FromTheAshes1371d ago

Tis the season to save money! Good times.

DualWielding1371d ago

can't find the PS+ subscription

oguzsasiker1371d ago Show
Cubanborn871371d ago

Last year gamestop had it for 29.99 on Black Friday, I haven't seen it show up on any Black Friday ads so far. Has anyone spotted one?

Dmagic1371d ago

25$ for plus and live target

CerealKiller1371d ago

Where, this is not in the ad?

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