Nintendo Extra – a new online magazine – also unveiled today

Extra, extra, read all about Nintendo! Hot off the press, and published via the Nintendo website today comes two new online offerings giving fans of all ages the chance to get the lowdown and interact with their favourite Nintendo characters and series.

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Takwin1376d ago

Nintendo has had a good run introducing new sites, new apps, and a variety of eShop and YouTube videos that both my daughter (aged 7) and me (aged 37) enjoy. I like what I have been seeing from Nintendo.

Next time, make a console on par with the lowest of XBox/PS and we will have a real battle for the generation. If all the consoles were identical and exclusives were truly the only difference, I don't think even Sony could compete with Nintendo.

jholden32491376d ago

If only. Unfortunately power isn't enough to bring in the multiplats. The games just never sell on Nintendo platforms. You can believe if the games sold well on Nintendo, they'd be clamoring to bring their games to the system. They bring em to PS3 and 360 and this have less power. Difference is, the games sell on PS3 and 360.

It's all good though. I like owning multiple consoles anyways. It's the badge of a true gamer ;)

Spikeantestor1376d ago

Nice. Nintendo is one of a few companies that exist almost like a closed off bubble from the rest of gaming (Blizzard is another). This seems like something they could get some mileage out of.