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The time has come to speak up about the load of BS that’s taking place right in front of our eyes at this very moment. Games as we once knew it is something of the past.

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Jdoki1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

The DLC / microtransation debate is an interesting one.

I've been gaming close to 35 years and I think we have to forget about those 'good ol days'. Where outfits and content could be unlocked with a cheat code; where DLC was non-existent and we just waited with baited breath for a sequel to get announced. Games were relatively cheap to make, there was less on the line - so you can't blame some devs for going aggressive with DLC / micro-transactions when the entire company is under threat if the game doesn't succeed.

In principle I have no issue with DLC or microtransactions if they are done well. And what it all boils down to is the question 'Am I getting value for money or do I feel ripped off'.

For example, take Mario Kart 8. You buy it, stick in the disc and it feels like a complete game. Characters and cars and bits and pieces are unlocked through game play. I don't feel there's anything missing or been cut, or that the business model is to stick a straw in my wallet and suck it dry to make the game 100% complete. Instead I feel like Nintendo had a business model of 'If we make an awesome game people will want to buy more of it'.

Then there's the DLC itself. One free pack sponsored by Merc. Two packs that add massive amounts of extra content. I was happy to hand over my money for these packs up front - because they were clear about the content so I could judge the value of it.

On the flip side is Destiny. A game that feels a bit hollow and incomplete. It asked for money for DLC without informing us what we would get - and now I know what it will deliver I feel it's less that what I was expecting. My opinion of Activision and Bungie is diminished and I am unlikely to buy in to the 10 year plan.

The great thing about this industry is that WE, the consumer, have the power. If we don't like the way publishers are doing business we can boycott. Voting with your wallet is the strongest incentive for a business to change. The fact that publishers and devs continue to push out incomplete games and smother us with DLC to fill the gaps is because people buy it.

The other great thing is that over time things tend to settle down and find a natural level. For example, Season Passes looked like they were going to be the future - and those have reduced a lot this gen. Horse Armour levels of pricing for DLC quickly faded after public outcry.

There's nothing wrong with a company wanting to make money - but it has to be done in a way that doesn't make the customer feel they got screwed.

sagamer1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Thanks for the feedback Jdoki, you made some very valid points there.