A Final Fantasy VIII remake would be beautiful, if these screenshots are anything to go by

This stunning fan art shows what a HD remake of Final Fantasy VIII might just look like.

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TheLyonKing1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

It is my favourite final fantasy, yes the junction system was flawed but I found the story paced well, and the lead (Squall) developed perfecly over the intricate plot.

I would love a remake, to play out the train squence in hd or when going through sorceres edea's parade or actually going through ultimecias castle in HD would be fantastic.

I can't sing this game enough praise and I am actually on my 7th play through now.

Any scenes other people would like to see in HD from this game?

Hipp01290d ago

I'd like to see the dance scene in HD, just to see the amount of "You're the best looking guy here." memes pop up.

bouzebbal1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

damn those screens gave me the feeling of playing it all over again.
i need to find that PSP in the attic when i get home.
i absolutely love the artistic style and music in this game. one of the biggest graphical shocks i have had and that feeling is still remaining.

-Foxtrot1290d ago

The thing about the junction system when you first played through the game the majority of people didn't really get used to it on their first playthrough so by the time you could exploit it, it was near the end of the game.

Then you have contradicting opinions of it, one minute someone says "The junction system is too complicated/hard" the next it's "You can easily exploit the junction system, it's flawed". So what is it easy or hard?

This game in my opinion is better then FF7, it does most things better then it and overall is a better game.

It's the main reason I wanted a FF7 Square would do FF8 next.

Hipp01290d ago

I think a lot of people, myself included, just found the junction system confusing at first. Once you got the hang of it I think it was absolutely fine.

TheLyonKing1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

stock up on ultimas from the island closes to hell on your attack, beat laguna in a card game and convert his card to 100 hero drinks and you have a recipe to beat any boss in the game.

-Foxtrot1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )


"stock up on ultimas from the island closes to hell"

You bring up another point, the draw system. Another over exaggerated complaint about the game people didn't really think about.

The Island of Heaven and Hell, the place of strong monsters but also strong magic draw points....yet people said they were FORCED to draw magic in battle.

I never once used draw in battle, except for getting GF's and I managed to have a shit load of magic at the end of the game thanks to draw points, especially thanks to the island of heaven and hell.

Baka-akaB1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Personally i dont find it confusing . I just dont like it . I dont mind that they tried a new fighting system , they do each new FF , but it risk at the same time not resonating with everyone .

It just fell flat with me , and i strongly disliked the story and pretty much each characters . it was a rare combo and the first time i disliked both gameplay and stories in a FF .

But it's not as if FFVII was ever my gold standard . It was nice , and better than VIII imo , but i still favor other FFs like FF6 above those .

torchic1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )


that's towards the end of the game. drawing magic is not a prerequisite to progress through the game but it sure makes it a lot easier when you do especially in the beginning.

on my 1st playthrough I thought the Junction System was unnecessarily complicated then again when I first played through the game I was like 8yo

Gohadouken1290d ago

I wasnt confused either . I just hate (too strong a word , but dislike doesnt feel enough sorry) the story , and the combat while decent didnt wow me .

Dont mind me , i dont like FFX's universe and story either , bare a few characters . But i still quite enjoyed the combat mechanics and gameplay , unlike VIII's

LightofDarkness1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

I agree, Baka, the story was pretty lame and full of very contrived/ridiculous plot points, deus ex machinas and just plain nonsense, not to mention unlikeable characters all round (with the exception of Laguna) with poor development and motivations.

Then the battle system just had these tacked on systems that were unnecessary in the grand scheme of things and were merely there for exploitation. Drawing magic was a grind for a lot of people, once you were stocking up for a big fight. The card game was OK, I suppose.

But for me too it was the first one (I'd played IV, VI and VII by then) that I didn't like that much. IX was great again, but VIII was the first "chilling vision of things to come" for me. It reeked of design by committee. Don't even get me started on X.

Irishguy951290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

FF8 was worse than FF7 in almost every way imo, and i'm one of the few who played FF8 before FF7

Junction system WAS to easy and exploitable, the fact is you can exploit it easily, being hard to grasp just means it wasn't explained well enough. Because it isn't actually hard to grasp

Side quests, while I LOVED the card game in FF8, FF7 had about 50 more 'side' quests or things like it than FF8 did. Condor mountain -> Srpg, bike game, submarine, Gold saucer etc, heeck even random moments had lots of side additions, much more than FF8 did. Marching with shinra soldiers, mountian/map etc.

Characters, FF8's were mostly meh, especially the main characters, Squall was the only exception and even he was an unlikable **** for 3/4s of it. FF7 characters all had something interesting to them. Most were likable and had interesting backrounds and side stories

Music was great in both but i'd give it to FF8 myself

Villain, FF7 infinitely superior villain/s. Unless you are one of the people who didn't understand FF7(Some people still think Jenova was the one in control, or that Seph was in fact a mamas boy).

Battle system, FF8 eventually revolved around the stupid limit break system. It was stupid to have the limit come at low health. Glad they never used that again. And **** me the draw system was REALLY stupid, really boring addition to the game

Well, thats just me anyway, I love FF8, but FF7 was better in almost every way. To me at least.

Adrian_v011290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Your points ain't really valid. You complain about the junction system but the materia system from 7 was even easier to exploit.

I give that 7 had better random moments, but the mini games from 7 weren't that good. Only memorable were the motor bike and snowboard challenge. The whole golden saucer was just meh. And chocobo breeding was interesting. Triple Triad on the other hand was amazing, I'd dl it as app if it was possible and play it non stop.

The characters in 8 were better imo. Each of them had a distinctive personality and a role in the party. Most characters from 7 were boring. The memorable ones were Cloud Vincent and Red. Tifa was the big boob girl, Barret the generic black stereotype, Cid was only memorable cause his name was Cid, Yuffie the unnecessary ninja girl and Cait Sith was wtf. You complain about Squall being a **** but Cloud was one as well throughout the whole game.

The bosses were easy, 'xept the weapons. And the story was confusing. You spent your whole game apparently fighting Sephiroth just to find out you were fighting Jenova the whole time.

The battle system wasn't about limit breaks in 8. You could use them but it wasn't necessary, same as with 7.

I generally love the 7 universe more than 8, but as a single installment the story of ff7 was too confusing. It was only explained later through spin offs and stories/movies. You had no idea Cloud was confused and acting like Zack even though that was fing the most important thing about his personality. Bad story telling I say.

Amuro1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Actually, you can break the battle system right from the start after getting Ifrit.

1. What you do is go to the beach and fight the fish until you get the abilities of Quetzacol, Ifrit and Shiva to convert level 1 magic to level 2 like Fire to Fira and stuff.

But why fight fish? Because they give a lot of AP for summon abilities. Like 3-6 AP per kill.

2. Then you gonna start drawing as much fire, thunder and blizzard as you can from random enemies.

3. Convert that stuff with the summon abilities to Fira, Thundara and Blizzara. It's something like: 3 Fires make 1 Fira and so on.

4. Give a summon to each combatant and junction the level 2 magic to Attack.

5. Profit. You're gonna kill everything, including bosses, in one hit maybe 2 at most till nearly the end of the second disc.

If you want to break the system even further then try to convert lvl 2 magic to lvl 3 but that will take a monumental amount of time if you try it early in the game since most enemies have lvl 1 magic. Because stats are based on both: the amount of magic and the type. So making 50-100 Firagas from Fire will take like 3-4 hours or maybe more.

VileAndVicious1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

How was the junction system confusing? Back when I was a kid I found it pretty straight forward. However overall I personally didn't care too much for FF8. I felt like the game was extremely easy, the boost summoning got old after a while and I absolutely hated Squall.

Though admittedly I played FF8 years ago I might feel differently about it today. But of the Final Fantasy games of that era FF9 was my shit.

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Idree1290d ago

I wholeheartedly agree, Final Fantasy 8 was my favourite because Tetsuya Nomura was in his prime :)

I love the steampunk design in FF7 and FF8, but FF8 slightly edges it out.
I read that FF9 was more influenced by Amano.

Magicite1289d ago

FF7-9 HD remaster MUST happen!

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PS4isKing_821290d ago

FF8 is my favorite ff next to 9 and 10. FF15 reminds me heavily of 8 from what I've seen recently. FF8 also had cars to drive around the world map in just like 15 has and noctis personality seems a lot like squall too.

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JudgmentJay1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

SquareEnix did say that they wouldn't remake a FF before one of their new FF's outsold the older ones.
This being said if FF XV does well we might be looking at a FF remake (fingers crossed).

-Foxtrot1290d ago

"SquareEnix did say that they wouldn't remake a FF before one of their new FF's outsold the older ones"

Don't you think that just sounds like a trick to make people buy their new game

"Oh hey guys, if you really want a FF7 remake....well buy our new games which are half as good"

Kumomeme1290d ago

square didnt mention anything like that...what square said is,they wont gonna do ff7 remake unless they could'n made game(ff) that surpass the game(ff7)

in other words,they will do it of square manage tu pull out new final fantasy that surpass ff7 interm of quality
i read the interview,i dont recalled anything square mention about the game numbers sold
haters always had mixed opinion,but ff7 undoubtly one of the best game ever made

Kumomeme1290d ago

square didnt mention anything like that...what square said is,they wont gonna do ff7 remake unless they could'n made game(ff) that surpass the game(ff7)

in other words,they will do it of square manage tu pull out new final fantasy that surpass ff7 interm of quality
i read the interview,i dont recalled anything square mention about related the game numbers sold
haters always had mixed opinion,but ff7 undoubtly one of the best game ever made

Spotie1289d ago

And just what metric do you think they'll use to decide a game is better?

Anyway, I'd love a remake of VIII. It's my favorite, followed by X.

Whitey2k1290d ago

i wanna see a remake i wanna see different virations of moves when the materia level ups and that includes the limit breaks

CLOUD19831290d ago

There is no way they will remake a much inferior FF than the one every1 asking them for FFVII with few words as much as I know FF8 annoy most ppl for countless reasons that every1 knows already & there is no so much demand for it anyway & not near enough so much demand compare for an FFVII remake & if any1 says otherwise then it's definitely blind & deaf, so yeah fck FFVIII it had some good points but over all it get lot's of minus for bad design, bad story, bad characters etc etc I complete just 2 times & the 2nd one was kind of painfully I just wanted to finish with some secrets to find all the cards & kill ultima never bother since then compare to FFVII that I complete 24 times & counting.. & about those who say that FFVIII is better than FFVII I have to say "wtf r u smoking dudes.. that thing is strong for sure.." seriously some ppl have so bad taste in games but w/e just don't say that stuff in public if u don't want to embarrass your self.

-Foxtrot1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

The game was nitpicked to death at the time because it wasn't a direct sequel to FF7

In the end it was actually a better overall game

It had a better story (every FF had plot holes)

Better character development

At the time better grapphics

A much better, unique FF soundtrack

Squalls Journey through the game was better then Clouds

Better design

The weapons looked better. Gunblade owns the Buster Sword

I mean I'm sorry but despite FF7 bringing RPGs into a new light, FF8 improved on that and in the end was a better game for it.

The only people who hate FF8 are obsessed, FF7 fans like yourself who think no other FF game can be praised for whatever they are better at.

Baka-akaB1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Except , well it's not necessarily true . i dont like 8 , but i dont idolize 7 instead ... and there are more of us out there than believed . Hell i'd easily put FF9 way above 8

Besides aside from the superior realisation , wich isnt shocking or surprising coming from a ps1 sequel for a megaton blockbuster ... the rest "being superior" is obviously personal opinion .

I agree that many people tends to put FF7 on a huge pedestal , as their first FF title , or because it was the first 3d rpg with that kind of realisation ... but it's still a great game . It's not as if they picked an undeserving game with many faults and flaws to find within the game .

Nerdmaster1289d ago

"The only people who hate FF8 are obsessed, FF7 fans like yourself who think no other FF game can be praised for whatever they are better at."

I hate 8 and I hate 7 even more (didn't even finish it, although I think 7 characters are better), so I guess your "fact" statement is false.

Adrian_v011289d ago

For the next time you want to be taken seriously learn how to write properly first.

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