Bloodborne Bumped Back To March 26 In Japan

Bloodborne brings FromSoftware and Sony Computer Entertainment’s Japan Studio back together for the first time since Demon’s Souls. This PlayStation 4 game is set in a gothic city decimated by a plague and you enter the city of Yharnam without a shield. Bloodborne gives players a gun instead and the ability to dash around enemies while locked on to counterattack.

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Automatic791106d ago

Hopefully this will be to fine tune the game. One month delay can't hurt.

benji1011105d ago

One month may become 3 months...

buyakabuyaka61991105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

We ain't asking you.

gustave1541105d ago

take all the time you need From Software...

Rimeskeem1105d ago

This is good for Sony. Now the Order can come out separate from Bloodborne and each will get more sales.

jegheist20141105d ago

are u kidding me like march aint tight month um project cars ff type 0 this and probly mgs v or some big namers including probly xenoblade on wii u dear god in heaven i dont want all these games within same window frame.

the order 1886 will flop im not buying it day 1 why its not rpg games that r not rpgs dont get day 1 purchases from me 20 hours campaign for 60 bux no thanx even 30 no thanx unless i can squeeze minum of 60 plus hours out game it not day 1 purchase.

hours vs dollar spent is how i rate game purchases

Inzo1105d ago

Thats a sad world you live in.
You are missing out on some fantastic games if that is your view on things.

benji1011105d ago

I'm fine with 20 hours.. but 10 hours is a joke.

buyakabuyaka61991105d ago

Just like your comments are a joke.

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