Bloodborne Update: Now Launching March 24th

Junkie Monkeys: Fans who were expecting to get their hands on a full retail copy of Bloodborne early next year will have to wait longer than expected. It's recently been announced that the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive has indeed been delayed for all regions.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

How's it very wise move? They barely have any exclusives as it is right now. I mean some extra development time never hurts but I wish it wasn't delayed.

Edit: Never mind I forgot The Order: 1886 came out the same month as Bloodborne before the delay. Probably was a wise move.

imt5581132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Game is delayed month and a half. Why this should be a problem?


How your posts sounds, Infected, it is a problem.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1132d ago

Never said it was a problem. I said I wish it wasn't delayed.

Snookies121132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

It's a wise move because they'd rather perfect their game, rather than rush it out to simply have it out. Before you say Sony doesn't have any exclusives as it is, wait until their big showing in December. That seems to be where we'll be getting a lot of news on upcoming games. If nothing significant is announced, then your point will be valid.

starrman19851132d ago

I'm actually glad! Might not be a super smart move for Sony as I'm not confident in the order but I am super excited for Bloodborne and now I have a window to play The Witcher 3 and MGS!

Ballsack1132d ago

Best move sony could have done

Order has my money for feb now

Volkama1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

With The Order and The Witcher 3 in that window, this is no bad thing in terms of scheduling.

nX1132d ago

^Yep, I'm not happy about it but I welcome this delay nonetheless. I want Bloodborne to be a worthy Demon's Souls successor and February is packed with good stuff already, now I can enjoy The Witcher and Dying Light without rushing them. After that there should even be enough time for The Order:1886.

miyamoto1132d ago

Its not a wise business decision to launch PS4 exclusives with huge 3rd party titles like GTA V, CoD, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, etc.

You launch first party exclusives for the core PlayStation based during the spring, summer, and fall, long after the smoke has cleared for the 3rd party games frenzy. Those are the times when you showcase the power and capabilities of the PS4 in the spotlight.

Little Big Planet 3 is an exception because it does not compete with these mature games

bouzebbal1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

The Order in February and Bloodborne in March. Great decision indeed!
they're going for at least one killer every month. not bad at all!

freshslicepizza1132d ago

this is not a surprise at all and something i expected all along that one of the two would get pushed but i think the order should have been delayed, not this game.

Ciporta19801132d ago

By hardly any exclusives do you actually mean more than xbox one?

InTheLab1132d ago

You got a load of disagrees but I'm in the camp of wishing The Order got delayed instead of the good looking game...

Harold_Finch1132d ago

It's ok, i know what you mean but you hinted at an Anti-Sony comment so you are getting disagrees on this comment section from now on, maybe on this site from now on.

You were right to worry initially, they have only 2 exclusive AAAs this year: a broken racer that is most likely going to get Evolution STudios shut down and LittleBigPlanet, a game that i'm getting day one but i don't think most adult consumers will buy it with me.

It's just to stop it clashing with The Order, as you realised so you get a bubble from me to show that you didn't do anything wrong (well, how WRONG can a comment be? not that wrong lol )

Christopher1132d ago

@The_Infected: If you're wondering why most disagree with your post, it's likely this:

"They barely have any exclusives as it is right now."

Kind of harsh considering the problem is that Sony spread their exclusives out so it's harder to notice them at a time when the competition releases half of their exclusives for the entire year in just two months.

Cupid_Viper_31131d ago

@ Harold_Finch

"You were right to worry initially, they have only 2 exclusive AAAs this year: a broken racer that is most likely going to get Evolution STudios shut down and LittleBigPlanet"

Hmm.... I wonder which planet he could be from where 1 year is only 3 months? Could it be planet Microsoft?

Tell me, you don't just drink the cool-aid do ya, you actually put it in a syringe and shoot it up your veins, dont'cha?

Magicite1131d ago

Playstation gonna obliterate competition in 2015.

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Thatguy-3101132d ago

The order and the Witcher have Feb in the bag. That's good that Sony is spreading there games out. It will allow them to have something new every month.

lelo2play1132d ago

"Bloodborne Update: Now Launching March 24th"

Yep, I expected that. Does not make sense for Sony to launch two exclusive games almost at the same date. They would cannibalize each others sales. It's better to spread their exclusives.

breakpad1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

doesnt matter as long it will NOT have Day 1 patch as it has became a trend lately for buggy games


YES...perfect time for me to re-buy a ps4. I cannot wait for The Order.

medman1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Something had to move. I found it hard to believe The Order and Bloodborne would remain two weeks apart at their respective launches. If The Order gets delayed again, I will be very confused and just a bit annoyed. And if The Witcher gets delayed again....there would indeed be blood.

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WildArmed1132d ago

Nice, right around my birthday. Though after the Alpha, I'm having some second thoughts... I might pick it up eventually.

(Yes, I completely sucked at the game. I miss my shield)

WillGuitarGuy1132d ago

In the words of the Souls community... "git gud". Jokes aside, this delay will give me time to get some funds for a PS4 by its release. This, Uncharted 4, and The Last Guardian (if it ever gets a release date) are the main system sellers for me.

WildArmed1132d ago

Oh man, TLG... I can't believe someone is still waiting for that haha.

Bloodborne blew my mind at E3, but after playing the alpha.. I realize I may be getting too old for these types of games (suckage). I played all the Souls (all three which I have platted) games with a shield, so having to hop around so much was such a downer.

I don't even like my gun, gimme my shield back :(

Christopher1132d ago

@WildArmed: If you're getting too old... what the heck am I? Good job making me feel freaking old and like I should be giving up gaming :(

WildArmed1131d ago


lol, I think we fall in the same age bracket now.

We both suck at games like lords of the fallen / bound by soul :P

Ciporta19801132d ago

Really? What I played of the alpha literally made me think this could be the greatest game ever created.

Christopher1132d ago

Sounds like a bit of hyperbole there.

WeAreLegion1132d ago

Duh. Did anyone really think they would release it that close to The Order?

DeadlyOreo1132d ago

Far Cry 4 & GTA5 are releasing on the same day. Anything can happen.

nX1132d ago

Two different 3rd party publishers, your argument doesn't make sense at all.

uth111132d ago

nope, I called that one of the two would be delayed. Although I expected it to be The Order

thricetold1131d ago

Yea, I'm in that camp that wishes it was the order that got delayed. BB is was the whole reason I was gonna upgrade, though I forgot about witcher3. Seems witcher3 will be the one now and the way I play, BB might get picked up much much later now.

ErazorDJ1132d ago

It was not logical who shared release with 'the order'.