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"That's a quote from supporting character Elise and that's the big takeaway from the Assassin's Creed Unity narrative. The main story all takes place along the modern-day backdrop of Templar-branded Abstergo Industries' continuing search for new recruits to surf the Animus. Modern Assassins, Bishop and Deacon, quickly find the unnamed Animus recruit, pointing out that ancestor Arno once had an encounter with a 'Sage' that the Templars are searching for. Finding Arno's fateful final encounter with the Sage will supposedly lead Abstergo to his body, bringing them one step closer to world domination."

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ritsuka6661409d ago

The continued appeal of this series truly mystifies me.

Thefreeman0121409d ago

As a fan of the series this might be the first game I don't purchase.. it seems to be a monotonous pay wall mess. As much fun as I used to have with assassin's creed.. it now seems like it's been boiled down to a formula

Sneakybudda1409d ago

Not buying this for christmas now going to get far cry 4 instead!