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"At first, I didn’t like Assassin’s Creed Unity much. As a longtime fan of the franchise, the early hours chafed against my sense of what an Assassin’s Creed game should be. Unity is a dramatic departure from what came before in controls, combat, navigation, progression, and difficulty. However, the more I let go of the idea of what it should be, the more I could enjoy it for what it is. Unity is a fresh start, and while many new features lack polish, the game is massive, the story is sophisticated, and the missions are open-ended. It doesn’t get everything right, but Unity is the first step toward revamping a franchise in increasing need of new ideas."

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Angeljuice1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

That score seems very generous for what is almost universally slated as being severely broken on all formats.

Where's that guy who was complaining last week that DriveClub was such a mess they were trading it in for ACU, I warned you, I hope you listened!
At least the core game of DriveClub is pretty much bug-free (only the online element had issues).

vikingland11227d ago

Yes it's strange that he even mentioned the game freezing up a couple times.

Angeljuice1226d ago

"Moreover, bugs run rampant through the cooperative missions, from minor issues with animations to game-breaking inabilities for players to draw and use weapons."

8/10 for a game where at times it is so bugged you can't draw your weapon?

I seriously think nobody should be pre-ordering any games at all at the moment, big budget titles are failing to meet expectations and having serious issues.
I'm not even going to pre-order GTA 5 (even though its probably the safest bet going atm). It simply isn't worth the risk as far as I'm concerned.

3-4-51226d ago

IF you heard 100 comments about the "problems" with AC:Unity, only about 20 of them are true.

The other 80 are people out right lying or just jumping on the hate bandwagon...

It's a solid game so far.....nothing great...but not crap either.

magnumram80081227d ago

According to these reviewers, the only game I should be playing is cod aw. Somehow, that doesnt sit right in my tummy.