Should Ubisoft apologize to the gaming community?

MWEB GameZone Writes: "Ubisoft has made a royal mess with the launch of Assassins Creed: Unity. The developer has hyped up their latest release to no end, yet failed to deliver a game of acceptable quality.

Here is why Ubisoft should issue an apology to the gaming community"

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CongoKyle1413d ago

I've seen some bad first day launches, but yikes this is bad!

Sillicur1413d ago

Especially since they delayed the game for 2 weeks to work on getting the most out of current-gen systems....That is just horrible.

SonZeRo1413d ago

2 weeks isn't enough to iron out all these bugs in my opinion. They should probably have held off till next year but then i think they would have been in more trouble if all these bugs weren't fixed then.

nX1413d ago

I think that some failures are excusable but this case crossed the line. AC is a yearly franchise, they had a complete foundation for Unity and they didn't even surpass that by much. Yet the game is plagued by bad performance and glitches that even previous entries already had. Then Ubisoft made some stupid comments about Shadow of Mordor and console parity while simultaneously releasing 3 AC games within a few weeks. And let's not forger Watch Dogs... they really messed up this year.

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ColeMacGrath1413d ago

"We apologize for any inconvenience"

There, you've got their apology, lol.

freshslicepizza1413d ago

they will only apologize if its not a commercial success.

Double Toasted1413d ago

I think Drive club is worse. They actually delayed a whole year not two weeks and they only had to work on one console.

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WildArmed1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I agree, though I remember Ubisoft getting into a similar mess with the Watch Dogs launch.

Also, talk about getting out of hand, "apologize to the gaming community?"

Seriously? I swear for every bad launch we see, we get a dozen of these articles. I don't want an apology, because it won't be accepted. I want action, I want the game patched ASAP.

Hype is hype, whatever. But people have got to stop asking for apologies and more action from developers/publishers.

I kinda saw this coming since Ubi wanted to push two games instead of one this year. Ubisoft has a LARGE team working on AC games, that's why AC games have worked, and for the most part, delivered when it came to their annual releases. But by pushing two games, I'm sure corners were cut.

I really hope this mess teaches them otherwise, but I know it won't. We vote with our wallets, and Watch Dogs (and as did ACU) showed that a bad launch doesn't mean it won't be profitable.

Realistic, how many people are going to cancel their FC4 preorder because of WD and ACU launches? I'm betting an insignificant number. We may have lost our faith in Ubisoft, but it doesn't mean we won't stop buying from them.

It just means we'll learn to accept their broken launches much like we do for bigger franchises like Oblivion and Fallout. And not once did we ask for an apology from them.

Mikelarry1413d ago

Well said, plus bubbles

Christopher1413d ago

Add onto this the fact that we very rarely hear about these issues in reviews.

Why can't I get the review copy of the games that reviewers do? I mean, they obviously run really well since I don't see anything in the reviews about these issues.

Mizikiel1413d ago

You can't compare ubisoft games to bethesda games. All their games from elder scrolls and fallout have been master pieces. Even if this game had been released without any problems it wouldn't be masterpiece.

styferion1413d ago

That's what they get for releasing 4 open-world games in a year.

AngelicIceDiamond1413d ago

Welcome to current gen folks.

thisismyaccount1413d ago

This is so pathetic it hurts!

"YEAH! We demand an apology Ubisoft, asap! Or.. or.."

"Dear Supporter, plis accept our appology...blabla.. we are humans, we tend to make mistakes..blabla Ubisoft"


"It´s okay, we accept your appology, but we urge you not to redo this again :("

Tralalalala... blimblambum. ...goes and preorders A.Creed 2015/Far Cry 2015 + Season Pass....

An apology... yeah, thanks for your money suckers! Thanks for preordering the game(s) and the season pass(es) 1 and 2, haha! in your face...already made millons.

Who gives a rat ass what you say, you´re going to preorder the next installment anyways... YOU have no CLUE what you want to play, so we KEEP on making the same recycled shit for the next 10 years.

WHY?! Because you keep on "supporting" us, the industry as a whole.

DO NOT PRE ORDER, BUY DLC or any GAMES DAY1, that simple... buy games a month later for half the price or much less.

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Soc51413d ago

Totally agree hit them where it hurts is the only way to change companies disregard for gamers

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Sillicur1413d ago

If there is any chance they want the community's faith back, especially on launch days.

HoldenZA1413d ago

This is scary, considering the hype surrounding this game. I foresee very many dissatisfied gamers.

Sillicur1413d ago

Agreed. This is why i might just wait on ordering FarCry until at least some reviews or user opinions are up. This is beyond belief.

decrypt1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Personally i have stopped preordering games.

1. I need to know how well the game is optimized.
2. I get a bonus for my wait as i end up getting it cheaper.

About the only game i am preordering this gen is Witcher 3(i did get a very good pre order discount for that too from Steam since i own the last 2 releases), that too because i want to support the developer and have loved both their previous releases.

BadlyPackedKeebab1413d ago


Yes I used to just defacto preorder all my games but have started waiting a few days now. With embargos and the like I had been stung a few too many times. I have 1 game on preorder now and thats GTA V and thats only because to a reasonable extent we know what we are getting with that.

Magnes1413d ago

Yep I buy/preorder games based off "track" record, speaking of can someone get ubisoft directions to the "track"...

SonZeRo1413d ago

Sad that a company can be so after money that they fail to see that what they are doing is damaging business in the longrun.

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