Walmart Black Friday Deals 2014 With Xbox One, PS4 Bundle and Big List of Games

Techtorial: Walmart black friday ad has been revealed offering deep discounts to video games and console bundles.

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ramiuk11408d ago

those prices put UK to shame,we dont even get them prices if u just swapped the $ to a £ sign.
we get roaylly screwed on everything .
65" tv for that price??
console and games prices are crazy ,even the toys take the piss out of our prices

Scatpants1408d ago

If you saw what you had to do to get some of these deals you wouldn't want them. Black Friday at Walmart is ludicrous.

turdburgler10801408d ago

Yeah folks shoot, stab, and spray people with mace at Walmart on black friday. It's a scary place to be on that day.

SoapShoes1408d ago

That PS4 bundle though!! GTAV and TLOU for free and a $50 gift card, best deal out there.

Automatic791408d ago

@ Soap was looking at that deal but you have it wrong the PS4 Standalone deal come as with $50 card, the bundle with GTA and last of US does not come with $50 card. Either way lots of deals.

Eonjay1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Okay it took me a while to read through it all, but here it is:

Thursday -
Online *All Day*-
Xbox One:
$379 - includes MCC, free game and live for 1 year.
$449 - includes GTA V, TLoU, and 2 free games.


In stores *starts at 6pm
Xbox One:
$329 includes MCC and $50 gift card - limited to one hour
$329 includes Ass Creed.

$399 includes GTA5 and TLoU
$399 includes $50 gift card.

Kavorklestein1408d ago

How very helpful! Thank you sir! +1 bubble vote for you!

franwex1408d ago

That xbone deal is real sweet...