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Just like Halo 4, 343 Industries might be trying too hard to appeal to fans of the Call of Duty series. This could potentially ruin what once made the Halo franchise competitive and balanced – simplicity.

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pat_11_51409d ago

I'm still on the fence about this one. It seems like it's going to be a great game, especially since 343 Industries is focusing on making sure hardcore fans are happy with the game, but it's also just so different.

tastas211409d ago

Halo CoD edition lol. trying to stay relevant.

Daz1409d ago

jet packs where in halo reach and 4 so it nothing new to the series.
Also no load outs and the same abilities and weapons from the start for every player is that in call of duty?

But hey don't let that brush over your head also is call duty red vs blue also?

i think halo trying not to stay in 2004.

tastas211408d ago

HA. Cod is so much better and you know it.

spicelicka1408d ago

lol first wait another 5 years till you can actually use a vehicle in Cod multiplayer, then you may post in a halo article.

Chanogram1408d ago

Call of Duty 3 used vehicles in their multiplayer. Just saying. I like COD and Halo about the same, as far as multiplayet goes.

spicelicka1408d ago

^i thought someone might say that, WaW had em too, but that was almost 8 years ago, so its a downgrade now if anything

Paytaa1408d ago

https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.a... this was said about Halo 2 when it released. It's safe to say that it still applies now.

pat_11_51408d ago

I talk about that in the story, how getting rid of loadouts is a great move for the series.

The jet packs in Halo 5 aren't like what was featured in 4. They're more like what's in Advanced Warfare.

Allsystemgamer1408d ago

You mean the thruster pack in halo 4?...

OpieWinston1408d ago

First of all you mean thruster pack... Second of all yes they're more like Advanced Warfare but still not the same.

Thruster in 5 can go in any direction on any surface/level.
Thrusters in 5 can be used to keep you suspended in air for a short period of time in the same spot rather than rising.