Censoring the PS4 Share Play

CheatCC says - "PS4 Share Play was the feature that was going to change the gaming world. Basically, it allows gamers to let their friends play a game they don’t have, by directly streaming it to them. The way it works is one player starts playing and streaming a game while another player watches. The first player can then give up control to the watching player whenever he likes to give them a taste of the action. Not only does this allow gamers to share their favorite games with each other over the internet, it allows for a lot of interesting streamed experiences. For example, a fighting game pro can let YOU choose his character for the next match. Cool right?"

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

And this is a problem why? Why should developers allow full access to a game during SharePlay? The game isn't free so why does the author think that this is an "issue?"
The article is nonsense.

Snookies121411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Just wanted to say, your name is amazing lol.

I agree though, it's not like they're supposed to give full access to the game. It's a great bonus of having a PS4 sure, but it's not supposed to be used to let your friends play all the way through a game so that they don't have to buy it themselves.

bellome1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Then I shouldn't be able to physically borrow my game to my friends since Share Play is like a web based borrowing service.

Snookies121411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

@bellome - it's an inevitable thing. Developers can't stop you from doing that. That doesn't mean they like it happening. This is their version of borrowing. It gives people a chance to play a lot of the game, but they stop you from experiencing the entire thing. It's a digital version of borrowing, which wasn't a thing you could do in the past. Is that so bad? At least you get to play a majority of the game. Provided you have a friend who will let you play it that long.

freshslicepizza1411d ago

you can't save your data so it would be very hard to finish the game anyway while only being allowed to play 60 minutes at a time. but im not sure why blocking content has any value. does ea block content for ea access in their 6 hour trials?

MeteorPanda1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

it's already released to the public tho. the original game was purchased, games do not fall under the films law of the audience must be less then 20 or something..there's no reason for them to even block off the game, Sony was stupid to add the block in the first place, who doesn't watch a game play expecting spoilers?

With that mentality Twitch would be dead. The author has valid points. And the share play acts the same as co-op...l don't see the problem tbh.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )


"it's already released to the public tho. the original game was purchased, games do not fall under the films law of the audience must be less then 20 or something..there's no reason for them to even block off the game, Sony was stupid to add the block in the first place, who doesn't watch a game play expecting spoilers?"

You're right. The game was purchased and the person who bought it can do what ever they want with the game other than copy it or make copies and resell them.
However, the purchaser of a game does not own SharePlay. Sony owns SharePlay and allows PS4 owners to use that software as long as the user has agreed to the "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" of that use. Because of that ownership, Sony has the right to manage, control, limit the use of, and alter SharePlay whenever it wants.

Sony gets a portion of each game that is sold for it's playstation platforms and if Sony allowed games to be played freely and unrestricted on SharePlay, not only will developers lose money, but Sony will lose money too.

As I said before, the article is nonsense.

Christopher1411d ago

I think you're jumping the gun on the level of censorship being discussed.

Specifically, some of you seem to be focused on this as Sony specifically blocking content when what is really happening is that Sony is giving developers the choice in this.

So, this isn't a "Sony" issue so much as an individual developer decision.

Sony has a long history of giving people tools and allowing them to do with it as they please. That has its pros and its cons, but it isn't Sony enforcing certain limitations.

AudioEppa1411d ago

Share play seems like a pretty cool idea by sony, but overall it doesn't appeal to me, yet i think people are blowing this "some devs can restric it" out of proportion just to look for a fault with ps4..

OB1Biker1411d ago

I think its fair enough to let them the choice to not allow share play on their games. People should criticize the devs who choose not to allow it (or even boycott them) instead of Sony which give them the fair opportunity to do so.

BobBelcher1411d ago

Share Play will go the way of the Kinect- it's Developer optional. GameStop is already taking a dive into Developer's $$$ and with the recent and HUGE addition of Wal-Mart ALSO selling used games- I can't blame Developers for being a bit protective over their hard work. Chances are, unless Sony can afford them some sort of incentive, 3rd Party developers won't be utilizing Share Play with their games very often or at a restrictive level... And if it's just going to be a restrictive level, then really you're simply enjoying a limited demo w/ friends and that's not really overly revolutionary. Share Play will end up being used primarily by exclusives and nothing more. At least that's my forecast.

MasterCornholio1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

"Share Play will go the way of the Kinect"

Like remote play right?

Trust me this won't go the way of Kinect because developers dont have to do anything to enable the feature. With Kinect they actually have to program for it but with shareplay\remoteplay the chip developed by Gaikai does all the work.

Why else do 99% of PS4 games support remote play?

Edit: I said 99% because I don't have any knowledge of games that dont support remote play. If anyone knows of any please let me know.

Edit 2: The only reason why you even brought Kinect into this is because you envy PS4 owners because of the support that remote play and shareplay is getting from Sony.

Death1411d ago

Kinects features are built into the Xbox One OS. Why would developers have to program for it? Do you even know what Kinect is and does? Devs could absolutely do more with it if they chose, it is no different than mapping buttons on the controller.

Shareplay is based on the same technology as remote play. They are different in a couple ways though. Using remote play on your Vita doesn't allow your friends to play with you. You are simply streaming your PS3/PS4 to your Vita. Shareplay allows friends to either take control or be added as a guest to play with you if the game supports it. It's a bit of a grey area since two people are using the game without being in the same room. In order for multiple people to play together remotely, multiple game copies have always been required. When we purchase a game we purchase the right to use the software. When you lend a game to a friend you transfer that right of use to them. They play and you don't since only one person can have physical possession of the game. Sony is bypassing this which is why developers/publishers can block Shareplays use.

pelida1411d ago

This is such a cool feature! give it a chance!

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