Nintendo Announces Third Wave of Amiibos While Outlining Confusing Save Data Process

Nintendo’s amiibo line of NFC toys don’t launch for another ten days, and already the company has announced a third wave of toys for the future.

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NinjaRichParty1406d ago

YES! Glad Bowser is hitting sooner than later. Still waiting for Zero Suit Samus though!

LightDiego1406d ago

Amiibos will be like the Pokémon fever of decades ago. Gotta catch 'em all. :3

NinjaRichParty1406d ago

Being 21, I remember Pokemon fever all too well. Couldn't take more than 10 steps anywhere without seeing something with Pokemon slapped onto it. Haha I wasn't complaining though!

eaise1406d ago

Will be getting a Shiek amiibo and maybe a Shulk if the rumor about the Shulk amiibo is true. By the time these come out I will have also decided which Smash characters are my favorites and get those as well.
I am interested to see what other games the Amiibos will be used in. Depending on how they are used I may end up getting most of the amiibos