10-Year Old Smash. Bros Prodigy, May Be A Hoax

CheatCC says - "Scandal in the Smash Brothers world! A 10 year old girl has beaten some of the greatest Smash Bros. pros out there, sometimes without even losing a life! Is this magic? Is she a prodigy? Or is this all just a huge publicity stunt by Gamestop to show us that maybe we shouldn’t take games so seriously? If so, it’s certainly backfiring as the internet, especially the professional Smash Bros. community, is up in arms about the very possibility that top levels players were paid by a corporation to throw matches."

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imXify1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

It's fake. I mean look at the 2:00 mark of the suspected video

Diddy dodged two times while her left hand was literally off the controller.

I thought it was impressive, but now it's just lame.

KiwiViper851349d ago

Clever Prank. Some people just can't take a joke.

TheJacksonRGN1349d ago

This was already revealed as a hoax. Old news

NarooN1349d ago

It's a hoax. But if this was a Korean thing, it could very well be legit. Fighting game players in Korea are ballsacking INSANE when it comes to skill levels. 10 year old kids in arcades over there make some of the best players around the world look like chumps. They're simply very dedicated and the already-high competition levels forces everyone to really push their own limits or get owned, so it's understandable.

WildArmed1349d ago

All i remember was being creamed in Smash on Gamecube by my 10 year old cousin. She used to beat me solo even though I had a lv10 on my team. Though, I sucked at Smash haha.

OculusRift1349d ago

I don't get what's funny about your post. This there a joke somewhere in there that I overlooked?"Haha"

WildArmed1349d ago

Nothing funny about embarrassed laughter.

The post was never meant to be funny mate.

OculusRift1349d ago

Also, I'm not your "mate", pal.

Nevers0ft1349d ago

Hey, he's not your "pal" Buddy.

(we are quoting South park here, yeah? :))

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