This Will Be the Last Console Generation

CheatCC says - "A day may come with the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony no longer reign supreme.

If your reading this, then it’s very likely you own a gaming console of either the current or previous generations. If not, odds are you’ve at least owned one at some period in the past (whether you bought it yourself or it was given to you as a gift from a parent or relative). The point is, video gaming on our home consoles has been a staple for much of our lives, in what has been a golden-age spanning over three decades and 30+ years of success and fortune."

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purebennyc1346d ago

Home Video Game Consoles have been around since the 70's and have not only survived but prospered as technology and the digital age has improved. With about 25,000,000 sales of PS4, XB1 and WiiU combined so far I can't see any reason for Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo to stop making consoles in the foreseeable future.

Chrischi19881346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Well, I guess all think it will be the last one, because the newest gen already is pushed to its limits, while last gen lasted around 9 years.

But I actually think, it will most likely be more like with smartphones, instead of a console every 5-10 years, its life cycle will be more like 2-4 years. You will be able to play new games on your 2-4 year old maschine, but not as beautiful, like with the newest. So games will become usable on the same OS. Probably like Nintendo is doing right now with the New 3DS. You can play 3DS games on it, the 3DS will be able to play all new games, until a certain power is needed and only the new ones support it.

Not that I like that idea, but I truly believe it will go this direction, especially if you think about how ofter people put up the money for a new smartphone, but expect a powermaschine like a console for new games to last forever, while costing less than an iPhone...

wonderfulmonkeyman1346d ago

I don't know of any quotes from Sony and Microsoft, but I know for damned sure that Nintendo has already given a quote stating that they're working on their next console right now, and that they start thinking and planning for a new one a year or two after every new one they release.

So, if nothing else, Nintendo has already debunked this article.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1346d ago

The PS4 was on the drawing board within 6 months of the PS3 release, you can trust that PS5 is being researched already.

M3TR01DFANBOY1346d ago

Nintendos working on their next console right now.

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