SEGA Says No To Sonic Boom Review Copies

Where are the Sonic Boom reviews? Apparently SEGA refused to send out review copies, which may suggest they aren't confident in the quality of the games.

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Snookies121378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Wow, yeah... That's really not a good sign.

-Foxtrot1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

After everything we've seen from the game and the crappy cartoon to go along with it

I think this would be the third bad sign

Metallox1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

The show isn't that bad, after all it's aimed for kids, but it certainly feels kinda forced, things happen because yes. And also the animation it's not that good eiher. But it enters in the acceptable range.

It wouldn't be bad for the episodes to be a bit longer.

Sashamaz1377d ago

Meh surely it's not too much for Journalists to spend their own money on a game every now and then.

user55757081377d ago

the problem is that no matter how good or bad a sonic game is reviewers have been bashing every game released and this is probably why sega said no.

MSBAUSTX1377d ago

Pac Man Ghostly Adventures has better animation that the new Sonic. I really want this to be good but I fear that Generations will be the last Sonic I ever play.

Dunban671377d ago

Shasamaz: The problem caused by the dev not sending out review copies of games is not as much that the reviewer has to buy them but they don t get them in time to wrote a review before the game releases - therefore there are. Of reviews for people to read before purchasing the game when it releases

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3-4-51378d ago

* All they need to do it make the games like Sonic 1 & 2.

Do EXACTLY THAT and nothing else.

PixelKnot1377d ago

Yes, if done right. Sonic 4 was extremely disappointing, it did not live up to the Genesis titles at all.

SegaGamer1377d ago

A bit of 2D Sonic and 3D gameplay is all i ask for........wait, we already had that with Sonic Generations, why change it again ?

This is just a spin off game though so maybe they still plan to go back to Sonic Generations style gameplay.

Kevlar0091377d ago

Sonic CD and 3 are some of the best Sonic games

herbs1377d ago

So its going to end up like basically every other sonic game since the originals.

Snookies121377d ago

Nah, Generations was really good. Despite it having a lackluster last boss and could have used a few more stages.

Also enjoyed the Sonic Adventure games. That's about it though... 1-3&Knuckles were the shining Sonic examples, and should be followed by future games. If only Sega could recall what made those so special.

Relientk771378d ago

I'm not really surprised

I wasn't expecting outstanding scores for this game

yewles11378d ago

After seeing a leaked playthrough, those that enjoyed watching others suffer through Sonic '06 are in for a treat...

SegaGamer1377d ago

It is just one glitch though, pretty much all games have glitches, especially these days.

EliteGameKnight1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

I'm fine with this as I believe that reviewers should buy their own games. It helps to promote a review that is as unbiased as possible, that is if they aren't throwing a fit about not getting it for free. only downside is that you get websites saying that they aren't confident in their product when it may very well have nothing to do with that. We simply don't know their reasoning.

Revengeance1378d ago

No surprise as the quality has dropped significantly for the Sonic games.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1378d ago

not made by Sonic Team so it doesn't count

deafdani1377d ago

Sonic Generations and Colors were considered pretty good.

I've also seen a lot of Sonic fans defending Sonic Lost World as well. It gives me the impression it's been somewhat underrated.

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