Assassin's Creed Unity's Tech Blunder Incites Controversy

The oft-hyped Assassin's Creed Unity doesn't pass the technical litmus test, especially for the new consoles. But how much does it matter, really?

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whoyouwit041198d ago

games running on xbox one is starting to become a trend COD AW, Evolve, and now AC Unity, all I can say is LMAO #PS4NOPARITY that shiot is just so hilarious right now.

TardcoreGamer1197d ago

Doesn't the xbone version run smoother anyway? Doesn't matter to me #PCNOPEASANTRY

timmyp531197d ago

My slideshow is better then your slideshow. Nahnahnahnah.

Psychotica1197d ago

Games have been running on Xbox One has become a trend? Hasn't there always been games running on it?

badz1491197d ago

no! it has always been TV TV TV Sports sports sports...watercooler! LOL

raWfodog1197d ago

It just seems that Ubisoft simply did not (or could not) bother to take the time to optimize performance on each platform.

RickHiggity1197d ago

That's what happens when you annualize a franchize. Shit gets rushed out.

user56695101197d ago

funny thing they are going to make a ton of money so they dont care about the controversy. people keep rewarding bad publishers, so why should they change. they going to ruin these devs though since they get all the hate for having to rush and play politics

reaperofsouls1197d ago

worst thing is that reviewer are giving this game 8s and 9s WTF any other game with framerate drops to sub 20 fps would murdered by reviewer

hello121197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

A guy getting getting 60fps running this game on PC with lower specs than my computer. Oh i can't get 60fps with other games really folks! I have a i74790k CPU its costs a much as PS4 nearly.

Graphics settings used:
High preset.
1920x1080 resolution
AA off

System specifications:
Core i7 920 @ 3.8GHz
GTX 770 2GB
6GB Main Memory

Guys on here will never learn.

MitchellK1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

The video you posted proves that the game preforms badly though... yes he has it running around 60fps for the most part, but then randomly without any change in gameplay or situation it'll drop from 60 to 38 then back to 60 for awhile and then dip to 40, it drops frames like crazy, and even if 38fps is a decent frame rate if it was at a constant 38 or 40, when a game drops from 60fps to 38 fps from one frame to the next it causes a noticeable freeze or stutter.

Edit: I believe that your pc can run the game at 60fps, but it doesn't mean that the game was well made or optimized on a technical level, ubisoft shouldn't be defended for this, they knew how the game ran but still tried to make a quick buck knowing it'd sell on name alone. As for the new console versions, yes the consoles are weak in comparison to a good gaming pc, but ubisoft knew the specs of the consoles for a long time so should have made the game accordingly.

medman1197d ago

Nothing like "aiming for parity" you see what it gets you. Enjoy. Ubisoft is turning to shite right before our very eyes. No wonder Jade Raymond left. My hopes for The Division dwindle by the day.

Harold_Finch1197d ago

Paraity has nothing to do with it. If anything, it shows you how the PS4 couldn't have gotten to 1080p.

LamerTamer1197d ago

In this case PS4 being at parity with xbone would be an improvement as it is a bit smoother. This game is a mess. It seems games are getting rushed out faster and faster and are getting buggier and buggier. Soon they will release a disc with a title screen and a cutscene then require you to download the whole game as a "patch".

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