I blinked and missed Five Nights at Freddy's 2's Steam release

Sequel to several-months-ago's viral horror hit released on Steam so fast it's scary.

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Th3o1260d ago

I don't understand how? It's a jump scare game that executes the jump scares much better than most other horror games...and you're not even moving.


I bought it and it's pretty fun, I do feel this one is much better than the first, it is missing the fresh charm that came with the first game. For this price, both of them put together is a great experience!

Snookies121260d ago

Yeah, seemed to just kind of appear. Pretty entertaining little game at a reasonable price. I like it better than the first from what I've seen. It's a bit more frantic, and unpredictable.

Sclavius1260d ago

It's because it's not the full game, it only goes to night 3 as of now

kuro_tan1260d ago

Actually it is the full games guys and alot of people have been playing it on twitch and finishing it to custom night and there was a reason as to why it was released early. From what Scott said, there was suppose to be a demo out instead of the actual game. but it was then being processed taking 3 to 4 days to release the demo. So instead, he decided to release the game fully. he posted the announcement in the steam community of five nights at freddy's 2

contradictory1260d ago

you're not missing much if you missed it.
or the original for that matter

it's uhh...acquired taste, like surströmming