Nintendo Says Smash Bros. Wii U Pre-Orders Setting Records; Surpassing Mario Kart 8

Is Smash Bros. going to spark the Wii U like Mario Kart 8 did? It looks that way, but this time, it's even more forceful.

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Metallox1348d ago

This is good news, and they still have other 10 days.

3-4-51348d ago

More excited for this game than any other.

Didn't get to play Brawl even though I followed the Dojo a ton before release.

I've literally been waiting since 2001 to play this game.....

mikeslemonade1348d ago

Well yea the install base is slightly bigger now.

Even I preordered this game, the resident Nintendo hater of this website lol.

R00bot1348d ago

Brawl was great, I would tell you to check it out yourself if this new one wasn't going to be better in every single way (unless you wanted Subspace Emissary).

marloc_x1347d ago

My first Smash purchase ever :)

diepdiep1348d ago

These next 10 days will be very slow indeed.

Kevlar0091348d ago

MK8 DLC will soothe the pain.

Xavior_Reigns1348d ago

Haven't played Smash since Melee, very excited for this one! And it should definitely have some sales legs since it's releasing right into the holidays.

Agent_hitman1348d ago

Is the Smash Bros 3Ds version will work on the old 3Ds XL? I know that the game is advertise for the New 3DS LL but...

Concertoine1348d ago

It works on all 3ds models

wonderfulmonkeyman1348d ago

I'm REALLY looking forward to 8 player Smash.

I'm going to use that to revive my old Melee challenge: Endurance Smash.

Stage: Temple
Opponents: The ones you find either most difficult or most annoying.
Only one type of healing item, set on low.[choose lower forms of healing items to increase difficulty]
Stock match.[99 lives]

The ultimate goal: Survive the match without losing a single life.[the best way, though, is to slowly work up mile-stones, like surviving with at least 50 lives]

It's one of those challenges that really helps you learn how to play defensively, how to properly space yourself, knowing when to attack and when to retreat, and watching for tells and behavioral patterns becomes more second-nature because it'll help you survive longer.

It's not something you can do in an afternoon, though.
Might wanna reserve a weekend for it.XD

DryBoneKoopa851348d ago

@Wonderful: Are we friends yet on Wii U lol? If not, my NNID is Dry_Bone_Koopa. Add me if you want so we can play Smash/Kart together!

Geekman1348d ago

While were at it, my iD is "Lightnessrises" No, I did not pick this terrible ID.

Concertoine1348d ago

@wonderfulmonkeyman @DryBoneKoopa

Mine's just Concertoine.

N4G community on smash? :D

DryBoneKoopa851348d ago

@Concertoine: Added! We can create a room in Mario Kart 8 for N4G Wii U gamers. Did you get the Mario Kart 8 season pass? If so we can play all the new tracks together tomorrow!

wonderfulmonkeyman1347d ago

I've sent a friend request to all of you.^_^

Concertoine1347d ago

I have it. Will take a lot more people to comprise a community though. And some coordination lol

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deafdani1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Hey you all guys. Add me as well.

ID: gurfinki


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