Nerd Princess Janina Gavankar On Far Cry 4, GamerGate and Why Geeks Rule

Janina Gavankar has slowly, deftly managed to become one of the most nerd-friendly actresses working today. Currently costarring on NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura, Gavankar has logged time on FX’s The League, on HBO’s *True Blood and on the CW’s Arrow and Vampire Diaries. Now Gavankar has gone virtual in her first video game gig with Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4 — she’s playing Amita, who helps guide the player through the open world game — and she opens up about her own love of games, why she’s more excited about augmented reality than virtual reality, and how she deals with GamerGate.

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johndoe112111286d ago

The only thing I was interested in was her comments about gamergate and she basically said nothing of value at all concerning that. She may as well have responded "Gamer what???"

Christopher1286d ago

I disagree. I thought she said something great about it. Specifically about how the limited ability to express one's view in total on Twitter has led it to where it is, which is something that can't be narrowed down to one thing.

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asadachi1286d ago

Nerd princess, that's funny. Because she looks like she has so much in common with your average nerd.

frostypants1286d ago

People need to stop confusing the terms "nerd" and "geek". They are not the same thing. Anyone who calls themselves a "nerd" simply because of gaming is betraying the fact that they likely are neither a "nerd" OR a "geek", but rather someone trying to present a dishonest picture of their identity for attention.

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