Reggie Takes Over Nintendo of America's Twitter on Wednesday

Reggie is taking over Nintendo of America's Twitter tomorrow. Will you hit up the Regginator?

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Concertoine1228d ago

So, aboooout that Fatal Frame V...

plsburydoughboy1228d ago

Since Rodea came up, let's set them to localizing that too...

Feriku1228d ago

I'm definitely going to ask about that!

Metallox1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Count me in, I want FFV in the West too.

NovusTerminus1228d ago

No. FF is Final Fantasy. Fatal Frame has to get a different shorthand.

Metallox1228d ago

We could use the context instead.

XisThatKid1228d ago

I figured this NEEDS to happen. Reggie is good with public relations and interaction.

3-4-51228d ago

* New Pilot Wings

* New Wave Race

* New Mystical Ninja

* New Bomberman

* Dragon Quest 7

* Dragon Quest 11

* New Fire Emblem 3DS game ?

* New Fire Emblem Wii U game ?

* 3D Mario game for Wii U ?

* New F-Zero

* New Advanced Wars

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Djkmilo1228d ago

Chibbi robbo wii u?? no but seriously Imma ask for Joy Mech Fight collaboration with Capcom

turdburgler10801228d ago

Oh that goofy reggie. What will he do next?

Reeze1228d ago

He'll probably answer questions over Twitter

deadpools_n641228d ago

I'm shooting for another fzero. All these car based games coming out now would have been a perfect Time to show a different kinda racer. Not saying I ain't happy with what's been released lately but the last great fzero for me was on GC.

Agent_hitman1228d ago

My Twitter is ready Reggie!

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The story is too old to be commented.